Sunday, September 26, 2021

Spiritually speaking, l feel like I am asleep and stuck…any advice?

l feel as though I had slept through the past decade, not learning or growing much just going throgh the motions. It’s not that I find life depressing or boring on a daily basis it’s just that i feel kind of directionless and never seem to be much aware of anything. If I do notice something I forget about it later on so it’s almost like I’ve never experienced it from the start. I feel completely stuck in this way of life.
I feel like I need a spiritual awakening. Has anyone else ever experience this? What helped you get out and become more aware of yoursef/life/world I’m 21 and worried that I will spend many more decades the way I did the 2000s. Any advice?
I gave up on christianity or a personal god a long time ago(too guilt centered). I don’t know I feel very disconnected from everything(which why I get the sense that I”m sleeping through life ) and have an extremely hard time communicating/expressing my ideas in general.
A journal sounds like a great idea. In short I’m looking for ideas of ways to connect with life.


  1. If I were to take a guess, I’d say that at least some of what you’re experiencing is due to the fact that the past ten years of your life (give or take a few) was your adolescence. It may *feel* like you haven’t been learning or growing, but i guarantee that you are not the same person you were when you were eleven.
    My first suggestion is to start keeping a journal if you don’t already. Even if you never go back and read it, just taking the time to write down your thoughts once a day will help you sort things out, and help to keep up with the things you think are important. The other side of it is just the act of getting in the habit of doing that one thing almost every day. Having some kind of routine, even a small routine simply so you remember to journal, will help.
    When I’m feeling directionless and like I’m not connected spiritually, meditation really helps me. Even just sitting in a quiet place for a few minutes when you need to could help, or you can take the initiative and learn more in-depth techniques to address your own temperament and situation. There are no shortage of books and videos on meditation, and many places that offer yoga or other body/mind/spirit services give classes on different techniques.
    I think we all go through times that have us feeling stuck and directionless. What you’re going through is not abnormal, though if you feel like you’re in over your head you can (and maybe should) talk to a counselor about it.

  2. Well seeing as you are 21, and I am three times that, and only got off my behind to really discover what Truth was ten years ago, I think you may have wasted less time than I?
    I can’t say I ever felt exactly like you, but I suspect you may just be more sensitive to soul stirrings, or alternatively, when I was your age, I had drowned my soul stirrings in religion, because I was a very devout RC at that time. Later on I was forced to confront the inherent untruths.
    My advice is just to pray, assuming you believe in a personal God? If you don’t then I have frankly no idea. But I got an immediate response to my heartfelt request to teach me some Truth. It led me on a surprising journey. Surprising for me, because even though I was willing, and thus had emotionally given up on Christianity, I ended up understanding, IMHO a great deal more about it, and can honestly say I never felt more at peace than I do now. I gather a request for help on these spiritual journeys is NEVER ignored.
    You may read my personal journey, if you like. I wrote it up. Not that yours will be the same.

  3. I think that spiritual seekers will always find a sign somewhere about where to go. Just be patient and trust yourself. People are living spirituality thourgh their own experience, based on their education, cultures and model. For some, spirituality will be a cool ride, harmonious and calm, while for some others, spirituality is a roller coaster.
    I think that first you should know that you are not on the wrong path; asking yourself questions is the step to getting answers or hints.
    Second, I admire the fact that you made a great step by identifying traits of your personality you consider ”bad”. If it is what you want, you know on what to work.
    Third, you already thought about a solution. You just need to act, I think. My humble opinion is that having a journal is great, cause it is a tool to express your feelings, which means to observe and resolve them. Just do it.
    Some glimpses of information about this uneasiness: christian catholics talk about the dark night of the soul, experience during which the seeker is faced with his less favorable traits to then surrender them to the divinity/Soul/Supreme Consciousness/God. You can read more on the web.
    Also, some good books, with different conceptions of God, for you, which may better suit your inner perceptions:
    Conversation with God. Read the first, I think you will find that God is pretty different that you had first heard from religion.
    I’m a christian catholic, and practicing, but for me God is not judgment, having only one way to help us and also never meant life as a way to suffer or correct past mistakes. For me, it would be too much stupid. I feel that it is the same for you.
    Sorry for the long message everyone.
    Have a good journey,


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