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spiritually speaking… is it weird that i admire both Stephen Hawking and Aleister Crowley?

i find both the occult and physics extremely interesting. both my atheist friends and my pagan friend look at me odd when i say they are the to people i admire most.
would you say i’m living in my own little world or that i’m trying to live in two different worlds that normally can never collide?


  1. Yeah and sad too. They are in hell as we speak, and they will burn throughout all eternity in the lake of burning fire and brimstone. Just believe that Jesus is the son of GOD and you shall be saved.

  2. Who is Aleister Crowley?
    I don’t think it’s strange that you admire Stephen Hawking. He’s the best physicist of our generation and has persevered through so much.

  3. I think you’re seriously over-analyzing things. Among my favorite people, other than family and friends, are Jimmy Page and Metternich.

  4. both true to themselves
    just because to people belief totally different things does not make either wrong
    Not Weird any any way

  5. Look into it and you will find that things occultists have known for centuries, physicists are now ‘discovering’.

  6. Well, it is pretty unusual. And Aleister Crowley was one creepy and somewhat deranged guy. You do know his personal history, right? I have the greatest respect for Hawking, both for his work and his ability to overcome such tremendous physical obstacles.

  7. Modest the Prince- Stephen Hawking is still alive.
    And no, it’s not. Now, if you started worshiping them, it would be weird. 🙂

  8. Yes it is. Very weird. I always wondered if Stephen Hawkings is a Christian or believer in God (since he had to blow that thing in his wheelchair to even move) or not. If anyone should have a better life other than this one, I think it should be Stephen Hawkings.
    Alister Crowley was the rebel follower of the enemy of God . He lived for the opposite of the Bible teachings. He was a pig. They had the black Mass where they did eveything in reverse and promised to “Induldge in whatever vise you wanted’. so it is understandable he will probably not deserve anything else in an afterlife.

  9. No its not weird…..i think its quite cool actually. Now i sound like the weird one… haha. But no seriously, i have a book on Aleister Crowley, he was a pretty weird dude. And its good that you express your interests how you feel, your not on just one side or the other, your standing out in the crowd and sitting in the cross hairs of the two!


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