Spiritually speaking, Intelligent design or evolution?

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the question is similiar too:
* Alchemy or chemistry
* Magic or Physics
* Astrology or astronomy
* Phrenology or neurology
* Spontaneous Generation or Biogenesis
* Numerology or mathematics (for people from Cambridge)
* Gravity or the Magnet Hypothesis
* Heliocentric Theory or Geocentric Theory
* Shamanism or evidence-based medicine
* Expanding Earth or Plate Tectonics
* Preformationism or Epigenesis
* Spontaneous generation or cell theory
* Reproduction through sex or stork theory.
* The Big Bang or “heavens and the earth being created” by unspecified means “in the beginning” by “God”
* Fire as being the transfer of phlogiston or the oxidation of reduced fuel
* Heat as caloric release or Brownian motion
* Describe light using the luminiferous aether or quantum mechanics
* Describe gravity using the noodly appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or general relativity
* Earth carried on a giant turtle or Earth orbits the sun
* Homeopathy or evidence-based medicine
* Polytheism or idolatry
* Crack or Crystal Meth

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There is no choice. Evolution is a proven scientific fact. ID is an artificial concept which has no scientific basis or credibility. There is no controversy to debate.


evolution has confirmed scientific evidence to support it. id has not.

Eye of Innocence

Obviously, if spiritually speaking, the correct answer is intelligent design.
EDIT: there is nothing spiritual about evolution


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