Spiritually speaking…How many different types of tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs were there?

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by The Poor Widow:

More to the point, what difference does it make?
Shouldn’t our scientific efforts be bent toward such things as perfecting alternative energy sources to make them available to everyone, healing, better and safer food production that will help feed the hungry, cleaning up the polluted planet…?
Why the #@%* are we so worried about fossils, anyhow? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about what is going on in our world today, before we all become fossils for some future race to dig up and wonder over????
I’m asking this question here rather than in the science section because I specifically want the opinions of those people involved in the religion vs science debate. Isn’t this the section where thase folks hang out?

Answer by Jared

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Sparta Kitteh! Atheati Spartan

Yes, I do agree. However we have to study the past in order to help our future.

Mr. T

You really think man is pure enough to direct all his energy towards that for the greater good?

Blood Dawn

Everyone one of them was Unique, Spiritually Speaking.


There is as far as I know, only one kind of T Rex.

Kevin A.R.T. SANTA!!!

Well, the science behind evolution has led to the discovery of many of the things you mention.
Penicillin, for instance.


We all depend on governments to research new innovative energy products, but with oil men as lobbyists we will go nowhere.
Pray ITER works and we get cheap energy and we can make Hydrogen cheaply.
But again GW Bush took usa funding away from the ITER project last year and there was not a mention of this in the USA media


Only one. There were lots of close relatives, but only one T-Rex
Honestly…that type of research has and does translate into real applications. Everything we understand about biology makes it easier to manipulate biology.

Trofim L

It’s sheer curiosity. And it gives them something to do.
Pure information gathering is still better than doing nothing, or spreading misinformation.
There was only one ‘type’ of Tyrannosaurus Rex; the species has no subspecies that I am aware of, although Tarbosaurus would be an obvious candidate.
‘course, species are a pretty artificial way to classify fossils – after all, they form a continuum. Any line drawn in time is arbitrary.


True scientists know that God is the creator and that is a scientific fact or if you prefer to use the word theory, that cannot be disputed. Yet many will dispute it and attempt to justify their answers scientifically, but an honest examination of their beliefs shows that they are impossible.
Fossils support history. The Bible is a very good historical book. So the point here is to support Biblical History by evidence from sources outside of the Bible. Which has been done and is still in the process.

Karl M

It is important to study our history as well as prepare for the future.


Museums have thousands or millions of visitors per year. Many of the visitors are intensely interested in dinosaurs.
Humans are naturally curious about their environment, their planet, and its history. Enough so that there is plenty of interest (money) in it. Certainly perfecting alternate energy sources is a more practical thing, but not everyone can like or handle the very high levels of physics and math involved.


No our scientific efforts shouldn’t be put towards other things… who are you to say what gets priority over science? I couldn’t care less about feeding the hungry or alternative fuels…
This is a rant and not a question. Plus fossils are one of the reasons why people believe that the bible is full of crap. The Bible is not a historical book nor scientific.

Donut Tim

It is evident that you are young and inexperienced because you believe everyone should only be interested in what you consider important. The desires, talents and interests of everyone else must be submerged to allow your dreams to be fulfilled.
The is only one species of Tyrannosaurus Rex. (Tyrannosaurus is the genus, Rex is the species)
The taxonomy of Tyrannosaurus is controversial however, with some scientists considering Tarbosaurus bataar from Asia to represent a second species of Tyrannosaurus and others maintaining Tarbosaurus as a separate genus.


T-Rex is only one kind of dinosaur. There were thousands of different sauropods.
Very few people(out of the world’s population) actually make a living studying the fossil record but it does give us clues to biological processes which can help us develop new medicines. It also helps us to understand natural climate patterns. This will aid us in adapting to global warming
The best way to predict the future is to know the past. No area of serious study in inappropriate. The controversy comes when fundamentalists seek to restrict science education to conform to their ideology.
Their narrow view of “reality” is not based on evidence or science. They have been waiting for 2000 years for a savior to come out of the sky and save us all. They believe this is real and imminent. When policy is made on these assumptions the entire earth suffers and permanent damage is done.

xylocopa, fair and balanced

Tyrannosaurus rex is the name of a species. By definition, there can be only one species of Tyrannosaurus rex.
But that’s not really what you’re asking, is it?
People study fossils because they are interesting. It brings joy to their lives, just as art and music bring joy. By your logic, we ought to put these endeavors on hold too, until we end global warming, ozone depletion, and all other threats to mankind.
Suppose people had followed that line of reasoning two hundred years ago. “We’re not going to do any pure scientific research, or create any workds of art, or music, until we end slavery, or war, or ____________ (fill in name of evil).”
Well, I’ll bet war and slavery would still be with us (as they are now), and our lives would be a lot poorer in many other ways.


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