Spiritually Speaking: How is your Spiritual Awakening going?

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Feel free to add any links that have helped you along your way for great webpages.
Mine is of much enlightenment and joy and love
The link I will share is:
Lincoln – The Channel for Higher Self

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i find the more wake i get the more sleep i need

Steve R

Spiritually speaking, I’m having a nice nap, so quit bugging me.

GNE Gurl

Just fine once I realized spirituality is not tied to any diety.


Mine’s going fine. Not good, but not bad. It would be alright instead of fine, but it’s just fine.

Traveller into the Unknown

Sometimes, it is at my lowest points, when I feel so far away from being who I want myself to be (loving, caring, etc.) that so much growth is actually happening. Once I realize the lessons that are being learned at this stage, the depression breaks and there comes a new brightness. Right now, things are good, and I am happy. Soon, the lessons will come.
The kabbala says that in order to raise our level of vibration, we must suffer a fall. Perhaps it is this fall that gives us the energy to lift ourselves higher ~ Wayne Dyer
Great online radio and podcasts:


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