Spiritually Speaking, how does energy from those around you affect your spiritual growth?

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It could be positive energy, negative energy or both.

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Good point. However, we also can decide what ‘energy’ we wish to emit and can limit the effect from others when it is negative. We must not allow ourselves to have a ‘victim mentality’.


Forget about so-called “energy”…the larger problem is how we allow society to dictate who we are rather than being who we really are. You could see this as an energy based input output system if you want to and my guess is that there is a far larger input of energy via normal methods such as speech, than via “psychic” means. One should be aware of how people influences one’s will – it is fine to absorb facts from another but not to allow one’s will to be dominated and directed bu another. We are however so mangled already that it’s difficult to find ourselves under the “personality” that society has allowed us to form….it takes work.
On the psychic side, I’m highly empathic and I pick up other peoples negative emotions at the office and at home…this requires daily “banishing” / “purification”.

Mutya P

Well, since I can easily sense the kind of energy around me, I simply prefer to stay alone in my office and if one of them approaches me, I simply smile so as to bounce back the negative energy that’s with them.
Always keep on smiling everytime you meet anyone so as to spread good energy, too.
Cheers!!!!!! 🙂

Tamara S

It doesn’t. There is no such thing as “spiritual growth”. There is only human growth, you are already perfectly whole and complete spiritually. What is seen as spiritual growth is the mis-perception of a process of uncovering ones essential nature through the dissolution of the ego.
The fact that one is aware of sensing the energy of others indicates that one is in touch with a deeper sense than is usual on the surface of life.
How one interprets and uses that sensing is another matter.One can interpret the energy of others as a threat that will sap ones own energy and thus spend much energy fighting the energy of others. Obviously not a very productive, wise or loving response but, very common by the young and misguided. One can embrace the energy of others and attempt to use it to gain advantage over others, also not a very wise or loving response though apparently on the surface more productive. One can observe the flow of energy around, between and through people and learn to interpret the energetic interactions of people. Eventually one may be able to use this understanding to more efficiently navigate through life and even help guide others – a much more loving, wise and productive use of this sensing.
Just because one may sense the energetic patterns and interactions of life doesn’t make one more or less “spiritual” than any other. The ability can be used to strengthen the ego and thereby further remove ones awareness from ones (spiritual) essential nature just as easily as not.


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