Spiritually speaking, have you experienced past life regression?

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I WILL KINDLY ASK FOR SKEPTICS TO SKIP THESE QUESTIONS, as they are only for those who did undergo past-life regression. I’m not looking for a debate just a sharing with others who have experienced regression to previous lives. Okay?
Where did you go in the experience? Have any of you regressed more than once? Also, and most importantly, what did you learn from the regression(s)?
palmyraf…I can understand your not wanting to share the enlightenment of your very personal experience. Others are more willing to share. It’s most definitely okay that you don’t. May peace and love be with you.
Mirsada S.O.N. ~ Thanks!
Friedrich ~ Yes, we all should learn from our mistakes.

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Friedrich Wilhelm

Yes, I got to know a former incarnation. It helped concerning my self-recognition and to avoid to make the same mistakes again.


What I learned is not to be shared with others.

Mirsada S.O.N

Merry meet. Did you know that nearly everyone have had some type of experience with past regression? I believe that everyone is from a “old spirit” and that many dreams that we have are much more than just dreams. As I am psychic and a clairvoyant with the ability to read the past lives of others. My visions revealed to me that in one of my past lives I was an egyptian servant/peasant. I have seen many other’s past lives and witnessed that some came from royalty. Blessed be to you witchtalismans


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