Home Discussion Forum spiritually speaking, have you ever considered the possibility of reincarnation?

spiritually speaking, have you ever considered the possibility of reincarnation?

why or why not
if yes, what would you like to come back as, if you did a past life regression, what was your past life?


  1. no i dont. it wouldnt make sense to live your whole life with a personality and character that you have to depart from when you die just so you can start over again as someone new. i believe what the bible says.

  2. Yes, and it seems to be more probable than floating away into a perfect world for all of eternity
    But I don’t believe in it, If it was real I would like to come back as a human

  3. I believe in something similar to reincarnation but not in the sense that you are reborn always as a person and you don’t come back as ‘you’. Our ‘self’ is impermanent and constantly changing and I don’t believe this stops when our bodies have died.

  4. yes.. i used to feel that maybe life isnt enough once, we need to have all the experiences and all the life situation. its not fair to live one life and be poor, and someone else will be rich. i dont know really but its not something that is totally crazy, it is possible

  5. Yes.
    Death is only for physical body but soul continues to find a new body to begin a new life.This process continues unitl the purpose of the soul is completed.
    I am here(earth)as a human to complete my purpose.I dnt want another life were sadness,happiness,pain etc. all the feeling are some kind of punishment for me.I want to break free from all kind of feelings after my death and be a part of God or to be God.

  6. Yes, life doesnt make sense if reincarnation is not fact!
    Jesus originally taught about reincarnation, but like others of his teachings it was removed when Rome took over the church in 325 AD..
    I am a medium who is often aware of Angels, and they tell us much of what has long been hidden from the masses by religions..
    We are not the physical body we see in our mirror each day, but the spiritual being within which animates that physical form!..Each night when we go to bed and relax, spiritual us leaves to enable our physical body to rest and recuperate and, as WE are then absent, our sleeping physical form cannot respond until spiritual us returns in the morning and we reawaken!
    When we are unconscious or are given an anaesthetic which ejects our spiritual body from our physical one, we cannot register pain until spiritual us returns and we *come to* again..
    Spiritual us have lived before this life and will continue living when our present physical body meets it*s end, for, being Spiritual entities, we naturally return to the World Of Spirit (or Heaven) and, after linking with our loved ones and having a rest to absorb what we*ve learned and experienced in our previous life, we begin to think about planning, with angelic assistance, the next chapter of our journey!
    I can remember parts of several previous lives, one as a priest who was forced to teach what he knew was NOT the truth by the church under threat of death (which is partly why in this life Ive come back without a dog collar to teach the ACTUAL truth) as well as several lives as Native Americans..When I see their groups who visit locally and play their music, also demonstrating their dancing, I find myself constantly filling up with tears as the memories flood our of my subconscious..I have a great love for those people..

  7. i definitely believe in reincarnation. i don’t really know why…i guess i just can’t see how this is the only life we have.
    i think i would like to come back as some type of sea creature…there’s a whole new world beneath the water’s surface.
    unfortunately i don’t know my past life as of yet.


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