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Spiritually speaking has anyone experienced this?

Has anyone experienced this when they continue to go through their awakening. It may sound a bit bizarre but I have read about it a little but I am not quite sure I understand it.
Lately in the past few weeks when I am driving home I see this green colored square on the dashboard of my car(no it is not my car acting up) but the weird thing is when I just look away for a bit it is gone but when I look back it is there but then goes away again.
At first I thought I was seeing things but I know I am not.
However I checked some things out and I was wondering could it be an amplification of the senses or an increase in ESP and Intuition or even both. Maybe there is some other definition for this in the spiritual sense that I am not aware of.
No I am not crazy people and to those who read this think that then just pass this question up. This is a question based on spirituality.
I would appreciate any thoughts,ideas or similar experiences that one may have about this.
Also what does this mean for me in my spiritual journey.
The green square is small and it shows up where the odometer is at and no it is not related to the car. I have read about this briefly and I was just curious to know more. I just get this off feeling when I see it and I am not sure what it is. If you think I am weird then so be it.


  1. How big is this green square? Does it appear to be made of light, or does it look like it’s painted on there, or what? When you say it’s on your dashboard, where exactly is it? Is it on the top of the dashboard, or do you mean that it is in the part where the speed limit and all that is shown?

  2. You see a green square on the dashboard of your car and when you look away, you can see out of the corner of your eye that its no longer there? Its probably a reflection of something outside of your car and when you look from a different angle the reflection disappears. Does this green square have letters, numbers or words such as: “EXIT 21 ENTERPRISE BLVD 5 MILES”? Are you driving on an interstate when this happens? I doubt there’s anything spiritual about seeing a green square on a dashboard.
    Edit: I don’t think you’re weird. I am trying to help. The green square is not a reflection from the dashboard? It shows up near the odometer? Try putting tape over the green square and see what happens. Try having a mechanic look at the car for the green square. Maybe its a car signal light for something the car needs. If not, have a priest look at it. Somebody is going to know what it means. It might help to get someone to look at it. Can you post a picture of it? Seeing it might help. I’m sorry if you thought I thought you were weird. I didn’t mean to come across that way.

  3. I think it means you are not afraid to ask questions. That’s sincere.
    In moments where we cannot give our full attention to something we do see fleeting objects. One reason is small floating objects over the eyeball…specks and stuff. Oftentimes the brain will trick the eye with snapshot images that are geometrical, like squares, triangle and circles. Color is a little unusual and might be picked up due to the absence of that color in your field of view.
    IMHO, the only spiritual significance to be found is an affirmation of sincere desire to see more than the senses will tell.

  4. It is likely a reflection from something.
    One thing that can cause this symptom are “floaters”. they are small portions of dead tissue that sit on the outer layer of the lens in your eye. They are somewhat free to move and can cause people to see things like this. Though, they are usually grey. If that is case then you should see it elsewhere as well. They are also most visible in bright light.
    Though, it may be something else. I don’t really know.
    If it were round then I would say that it may be an “orb”. Orbs are usually brought up when people talk about ghosts but they actually have nothing to do with the supernatural. They are just a collection of electromagnetic energy, commonly known as static. I don’t know why it collects in one area but it is not an intelligent being or anything. If enough electromagnetic energy builds up then it becomes visible and can be practically any color.


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