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Spiritually speaking, does the R&S experience ever leave you feeling dissallusioned?

I haven’t seen a genuinely funny troll in days. No one’s tried to Rickroll me. I haven’t eaten a babby in aeons.
And my pineal gland? I think it’s vacationing in not-so-scenic Fresno, California (one of Hell’s many outer reaches).
I haven’t even felt like *drinking*.
Does this place ever get under your skin?
Other than taking a break, how do you deal with R&S-itis?
@Citizen… I’ll give it a go. 🙂
I…am…part…of…the…problem! Not…the…solution!
What’s up with the thumbs down fairy? Hm?
@ Hestia’s Priestess…


  1. I do my homework and write and then wonder about the funny question I could have missed and rush back.
    Or I go infiltrate other categories.

  2. dissallusioned – I tried to look that one up.
    No, I know what humans are (in)capable of so I’m rarely “disillusioned” with them on most any level…but I manage to stay very entertained here.

  3. Give up on offering insightful answers to genuinely interesting questions, and come up with the most stinging zingers you can to the worst questions.
    Do it Auntie. Say it with me:
    I…am…part…of…the…problem! Not…the…solution!

  4. I’m only a level 3, so maybe I haven’t been here long enough to be disillusioned; I still get a kick out of the ‘believers.’
    I agree with you about Fresno. I’m a born and raised Californian, and really, if hell existed it would be pretty near Fresno.
    Modesto sucks pretty bad, too.

  5. I have to agree with Citizen, and go with dishing out one-liners and snarky comments to those who deserve them.
    If nothing else I can make myself chuckle sometimes…

  6. What you need is something novel
    To lift you from this mundane hovel
    R&S can be a rat
    So when I’m feeling testy that
    It doesn’t meet my expectations
    I rhyme my answers and my questions
    If R&S still leaves you flat
    Nothing tops a rhyming cat!
    Ffft! Ffft! >:<

  7. Ahhh…. dear auntie… it’s easy to feel dissallusioned with this place… I used to get a minimum of 15 response to my religious lyrical quizzes in here.. but now I’d be lucky to get half a dozen!
    And no one knows how to play conceptual chess?
    And people just get drunk on me when I rehash my deeply profound questions, yet Im the only one who is still sober!
    But the most dissallusioning thing is that no one from R&S wants to have cyber sex with me anymore…

  8. I know how you feel, a couple of weeks ago I posted a question and a link. Many people did not even bother to watch the 2 minute video in its entirety?! Instead they all jumped on a hate bandwagon and just savaged me!
    People should stop first and consider that there is an actual person on the other side of their avatar and quit venting their own frustrations on to others.
    And what is really sad, many of the best and brightest on R & S have been acting this way lately.
    C’mon everyone PLEASE! Lighten up a little!

  9. I know what you mean. Lately, when I ask deeply probing, intelligent and thought provoking questions, no one answers. When I answer questions all I get are thumbs’ down. Perhaps, my heart is no longer in it, my enthusiasm is ebbing, OR worse, I’m going completely instain? I’m beginning to suspect R&S Christians, atheists and Babby are whispering about me behind my back. Is there a doctor in the house?


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