Home Discussion Forum Spiritually Speaking: Does anyone else here look up to Aleister Crowley?

Spiritually Speaking: Does anyone else here look up to Aleister Crowley?

I find him more interesting than I do the modern day Anti-Christian celebrities like Marilyn Manson. For someone born in his time, I think he was very intelligent and has inspired many other people on their religious and spiritual path. What say you and while i’m at it, what would you consider him religiously? I personally always viewed him as Hedonist/Satanist and somehow part Pagan though the Pagan assembly refuses to admit it.


  1. He fails harder than any Anti-Christian celebrity out there…Why not look up to someone you know personally…whether it be pagan or not…

  2. Yes, I think he’s one of the greatest authors of children’s books.
    Oh, wait; that’s Dr. Zeuss I’m thinking of.

  3. He started torturing and killing animals at the age of twelve. He was considered the most wicked man in Europe. Various women he was with through the years ended up in insane asylums. His dream and goal was to be inhabited by demons. When he was a child his own mother said he was the beast of Satan and he enjoyed the title. yeah, my hero.
    Oh, and reportedly, his last words were “I am perplexed”. Maybe he didn’t get what he was expecting.

  4. He was a charlatan in summary. He invented Ordo Templis Orientis. One of my past boyfriends had a friend who was a member of that group. He attended one of their services that was in a warehouse in Emeryville, California, just south of Berkeley. It had copies of ancient Egyptian columns with heiroglyphics carved on them. A nude priestess presided and recited Latin masses backwards. After the service, the group went to the priestess’ home where she had a big picture of their god Baphomet who was said to be worshipped by the Knights Templars. Baphomet is a blend of goat and human with wings and large female breasts. There were rumors about strange and evil activities at a castle Crowley Sinsaang owned in Great Britain. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”, said Mr. Crowley.

  5. depriving oneself from receiving the gift of immortality (matthew 19:16-17 / matthew 5:17-20) doesn’t sound like being very intelligent to me.

  6. I see him as a Satanist since he experienced in all areas of the arts. Do I look up to him? No, but he was quite knowledgeable.


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