Spiritually speaking, are there foods that naturally boost energy?

This has been a very busy week. I’ve just been going and going and wound up going the past 2 days with essentially no sleep. I know this wasn’t wise, but now I’m dealing with the effects.
I have 5 hours left in the workday but I’m having a somewhat hard time staying awake. I do not like coffee, energy drinks, or anything synthetic that provides temporary energy. I’m going to lunch soon and was wondering if there are any foods that naturally boost energy?

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Fruits can work well. But you’re still susceptible to the “crashes” as there is natural sugar.


i have heard that eating one apple is equal to drinking one pot of coffee.

Jesus Chrysler

Load up on carbohydrates. Maybe have pasta for lunch.

Jason R

xtra fresh vegetables in your diet might help supplemented by fresh fruit snacks throughout the day


Beetroot is an ancient food for the removal of negative energies and spirits from you. They say if you sneeze or yawn after you eat an entire beetroot the negative energies have been removed.
More water, green tea and a multi-vitamin solution from the pharmacy sounds like it would do the trick..


dark berries

Holey Pastafari

Spaghetti, honestly spaghetti.


well cocaine works and it comes from a plant so it’s natural


Energy comes from carbohydrates: sugar. Fruit is a perfect source.


Daily Bible Reading.
But in reply he said: “It is written, ‘Man must live, not on bread alone, but on every utterance coming forth through Jehovah’s mouth.’”
Mat 4:4

Рoppy Seed ♥ ♥ ♥

Apples and bananas!
I don’t much like coffee or energy drinks, either – as others have said, fruit does the job well enough.
Hope you find something and get some sleep soon! 🙂
Peace and blessings 🙂

whatever you want to call me

Crack cocaine works! No just joking, seriously you are going to have to fall asleep sometime. It sounds like sleep deprivation is your problem and you should either see a doctor to get a script for sleeping pills.
As far as energy to get you through the day I would opt for something with complex carbohydrates such as potatoes or oatmeal.


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