Spiritually speaking, and this is for everyone, with the economic crisis, swine flu, and utter DOOM (details)?

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That seems to be prevalent these days, what is right for you at this moment? What do you have to be thankful for?
I know this is sickeningly sweet, but just go with it. We could all use a little positivity in our life, right?
And I think this is a spiritual question, even if Yahoo suggested the category Education & Reference > Quotations, LOL.
Utter doom… just the news getting to me today. Don’t mind my pessimism. I’m just trying to think positive.
For me, I’m thankful for God, the gorgeous weather, and my wonderful friends and family. 🙂

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Karl P

I am Thankful and Grateful that my Lord God/Jesus is WITH ‘me’ through all theses ‘crisis’s’!! Period!!

Gen. Stiggo (Atheati-in-Chief)

You tell us that we’re utterly doomed, and the you ask for something positive?
Well, OK. The Jets are 3-1 and they just got a good receiver. It’d be just my luck that the world ends before they win the Super Bowl.


Personally I am thankful that the United States Government is such a good government, and wonderful good government, such an amazing government.


I am thankful, every day, for his Grace. Because I am not always worthy of the blessings I have received. I am thankful for my health, and the health of my family

Silver Star Danser

I get the econominc crisis and swine flu parts. Now, what’s this about utter doom?

fokker - it's an airplane!

Everyone I love is fairly happy and healthy.
I get to see my family and friends fairly often.
I have a decent job, a roof over my head, and food in the fridge.
I get to go camp and fish nearly every weekend.
Very lucky girl.

The Canadian Atheist

We live in a time when our messages are flashed across the globe in a nanosecond. Where diseases that used to kill millions only sicken hundreds and where we are beginning to unlock the mysteries of the sub-atomic world and you claim that there is nothing but “doom”?

Shaman Val

Economic crisis come and go. Less people have died of swine flu than ordinary flu. What doom are you referring to.
I see nothing but hype and scare mongering. Fear is a great distraction, you are so fixated on fear, you miss the slight of hand creating it.
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.


I’m thankful I don’t listen to the news, ALL the time. It’s depressing. 🙂


I am just glad for each day that I can wake up and draw a breathe. It is for the simple things in life that I live for.

there is no spoon

Utter doom?
Try living in the Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia corner of the world.
I’m thinking that most of us with internet access have plenty to be thankful of.


I am so very thankful my mom is with me and even though she suffers from Alzheimer’s, she still knows who I am and is able to laugh and have fun! I am thankful my children are happy, hard working, and decent grownups, and I managed to stumble through motherhood in one piece. I am thankful that God provided for all of our needs while I was raising my boys as a single mother. I am thankful that my happiness is not contingent on my circumstances. That I have peace that surpasses all understanding and the joy of the Lord is my strength! Peace and blessings to you. Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am!


I’m thankful that Jesus called me and gave me the potential power of influence ,to possibly help somebody else join us
As far as the optimism, I’m concerned that things will continually get worse, right up until the moment that we see the big guy land on the mount of olives

Elsie Treize

I’m Atheist and Humanist and I’m thankful that I can wear my “There’s probably NO GOD” T-shirt and not get arrested and sent to re-education camp.
I’ve had my Atheist letters-to- the- editor published, with my real name, and no one has been furious and outraged, that I know of. People disagree, sure. The real god these days is money. I’m a Consumer, mildly addicted to shoes and purses, so I’m generally liked in this capitalist society.

Dave RC

I’m thankful for my religion and for the love of God and the Virgin Mary in my life.
God bless!


Dear Friend, those who darkly rule our world out of sight, known as the Illuminati, are facing the total loss of their empire by the upcoming financial collapse which they originally triggered (to pocket the bailouts, for they own the whole banking system and all major commerce as well as the media) but which will now finally bring down the curtain on THEIR cruel rule over us, which has existed for many thousands of years..The true story is stranger than fiction, and people will be SO angered when they realize what has really been going on in the corridors of power, details of which are now close to being made public!
So the Iluminati are doing everything in their power to spread fear, danger and uncertainty, incl starting wars, the financing and arranging of major terrorist acts incl 9.11 as well as the sham *war on terror*, the purposeful manufacturing and spreading of various viruses incl SARS, Avian Bird flu and now Swine Flu, a mix of the previous viruses which could not have occurred outside a laboratory, as well as a dangerous vaccine to spread it further (aided and hyped up by a willing media, although all of those viruses have already been neutralized by those who secretly protect us unseen,) in order to try to prevent their now inevitable downfall, for after the pending final implosion, financially and socially, of our societal and banking system, a brand new system, totally supportive and beneficial of the masses, unlike the current one which only benefits the few, the elite, the Illuminati, is ready to come in (interestingly the G20 continue to fight to hang onto the old dark and corrupt one, Obama excepted) to transform our world completely by the end of 2012, which signals the beginning of a new golden age and NOT armageddon as the dark ones are advising to all who will listen!
The final *battle* between the Light and the dark has been fought over the past 50 years and we are now entering the last phase, although the final outcome is now inevitable as the whole of Heaven has been behind the effort being made to finally remove the dark rulers of Earth in alignment with Divine Decree and Plan for humanity and our planet..
So please know that the final outcome will be the long promised commencement of a new golden age in 2012 as our planet and those of us who so choose and who let go their fear and negativity will move from 3D to 5D consciousness, in which only Love and positivity can exist..We will be told about these things in the coming times, prior to which EVERYTHING is changing within us and our planet..
Indeed, that is the true reason behind global warming and the apparent speeding up of time itself!..Our governments and scientists dont tell us that the atmospheres of ALL the other planets in our solar system are warming and changing as well!..Governments LIE!
So please hang on in there for, although the immediate time ahead will be scary and very uncomfortable for many people as our old system finally implodes as it must, we will be receiving much practical help from sources that do not emanate from our own planet on Heaven*s behalf, for we have NOT been forgotten, as human beings on Earth are VERY special (and powerful), totally the opposite of what we have been taught by schools, governments and the churches!..
The truth is soon to be revealed and, yes, the truth WILL set us free!


These are the times when we feel beaten down until we realize that wisdom is nearer when we stoop than when we soar.
I for one believe that one should never allow troubles to enter our inner life. I am grateful that I still maintain an inner self which is not tainted with today’s troubles. Adversity is just a stepping-stone to maturity for adversity is the only diet that will reduce a fat head.
Nothing has happened to tomorrow.


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