Spiritually polling, what's the most important thing about trees?

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A. They make pretty decorations
B. They increase property value
C. So that hippies have something to hug
D. To serve as fodder for liberal propaganda
E. Probably some dumb scientific reason that has nothing to do with my life.
F. Nothing. They’re taking up valuable land that could be used for development, and deserve to be chopped down.
G. Other
**This spiritual poll has been brought to you by the architect of the matrix. Thank you for your participation, puny humans. You may now resume watching TV.**

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theyre a vital part of the ecosystem for one .. destroying or consuming them indiscriminantly shows lack of intelligence or apathy by said puny humans ..


It’s a shame that such a vitiating thing like politics has to be smeared over every issue imaginable, not least something as simple as nature.


1. Trees convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates during photosynthesis, releasing oxygen in the process.
2. Trees are natural conductors to lightning, this saves many houses each year from lightning damage and possible death.
3. Home for wildlife and grow fruit for animals to eat.
G. was the only option that was actually sensible


G. They convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.


G. They are the lungs of this planet. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.


Really…you ignoring the “dumb scientific reason” that trees produce Oxygen for you to breathe.

Yahwehist Ear Candle

Trees are mostly sinners, which is why Jesus killed most of them in The Flood.


And of course since they produce oxygen

Pastor T. Kettle

Maple Surple, and apple cider,
cherry wine and plum brandy.

Somewhat Enlightened


Auntie Anne Arkey

G. Other: A place to hang your clothes line and a swing


To convert the CO2 we exhale into O2.


Trees, second to the ocean, reduce more carbon dioxide than any other thing on earth. Oh, and it’s also the second largest oxygen producer.
Yeah, I know, right? Eff’ all them trees! Cut ’em down, right! Damn “tree huggers” have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about!
Phhh…humans and their ignorance’s.


G. they give shade to a pissing dog


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