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spirituality for telepathy?

I have been told that telepathy cannot be achieved by mere meditation. I have read that telepathy other than just reading a persons mind also helps one to transmit infornation to anyone at any part of the world by mere dedication and spirituality.So i would like to know if there is a way to increase spirituality towards telepathy to transmit information!


  1. Spirituality and telepathy don’t always go hand in hand. Focus on the spirituality and the gifts you need will come. Just because you telepath doesn’t mean anyone has to listen anymore than if you talk to someone or write a book.
    The meditation is one of the best tools to enhance your spirituality and soul growth which is why we are here.

  2. Zen Seeker took my answer. Meditation is the key. However, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll develop the exact type of psychic ability that you wish. Or hell, maybe it is. I don’t know!
    I do know that I’m a natural transmitter. Of course I can’t transmit to anyone who isn’t receiving, and it’s not a skill I’ve honed, because I have no one to “play” with. But if I’m feeling or thinking something strongly, it goes out like a beacon.


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