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I am an 18 year old girl who has just gone through an awakening that has completely changed me and my life. I was a former agnostic about to become an atheist. So to make a very very long story short, I am now on my way to discovering who I really am and finding out what I am supposed to do and not who or what my ego wants me to do. Everything is intensified and since I am not afraid of passing on (death is truly a very ugly and wrong word for it), I take the time to really live my life. Music, art, poetry, painting, stories, films, even just listening the the wind or watching the clouds go by seem to have a such an extreme overwhelming beauty to them, that they sometimes leave me in tears that are deep and from the heart.
Since that happened I have really understood what all the spiritual leaders, sayings…..are talking about. Now am I just being very sensitive for disdaining this whole New Age fad/trend that has gripped the West with it’s very very watered down versions of mediation (again not the ones who actually mean it and want to truly be who they are), yoga as fitness, quickie-enlightenment how-to books, jewelery stones….. and all these youth who walk around flaunting their “spirituality” (you know who i’m talking about), gurus who adhere to stereotypes….. or are there others who feel the same way?
i cannot and probably will never be able to truly explain my awakening, so i just TRIED to explain how it has affected me.


  1. First of, congratulations on your revelation. I have been an Atheist for half my life and now that I’m approaching 30, the whole spirituality part of life seems to be calling me. My advice is for you to enjoy it now and study it when you’re ready. At 18, you should experience the joy and fun of life. If you choose to study now, you may find the dark side of it a bit depressing. In any case good luck on your spiritual journey.

  2. Try reading a little on Taoism as it helps you to let other peoples’ mistakes pass by and leave you unaffected. Your job is to do God’s will and leave Him to run the world, isnt it? Your ego is trying to goad you into wanting to lecture people with false spirituality, but let it be. God can take care of them. A Course in Miracles helps too.

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