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Spirituality: Can this be clairaudience?

Well, basically, I believe I may be clairaudient. Here are some things that have been going on:
1. Before bed, your hearing abilities increase and you may be able to hear spirits. I’ve tried the method twice. It worked both times, but I couldn’t make out the message.
2. Twice, I have also heard voices while in my room, as if they were from a person standing right next to me.
3. I’ve heard my mom’s thoughts a few years ago in the car.
4. I can see auras as well (sometimes they are colored, sometimes just a misty, gray glow).
5. I often times feel like someone is staring at me or in the room with me.
6. I have pictures with evidence of orbs in my house.
So, what do you think? Now, I’m not gonna lie, I have some schizophrenic tendencies, but I really don’t believe they are directly connected to this. Please tell me what you think. Haters stay away. I don’t want any rediculous comments. Thanks. I appreciate it.
Gatica: Yes, because it was about letting the dog out and feeding her. Not even 5 seconds later she tells me to do just that.
One more thing: many clairaudients believe they can hear whispers while listening to music. This also happens to me. Also, I sometimes get a video of an episode of a TV show in my head. A little bit later, that EXACT EPISODE of the same show is on. It comes frequently in short bursts every so often.

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  1. They are demonic manifestation of demonic spirits.
    Have you asked jesus to forgive you of all of your sins and save you to be one with od and his kingdom of heaven for eternity?
    You should do this quckly – do not wait to be possessed.
    Demons come to steal kill and destroy your mind and soul to try too take you to an eternityin hell.
    Call jesus name in your room and see what happens and whenever you experience such things and you will see.

  2. Never take orbs as spiritual activity, it’s most likely dust, I got a picture in my living room and it’s full of orbs, nothing special, just needed to buy some pledge and clean xD
    hearing voices can be a sign of schizophrenia, did you ever confirms that the thoughts you read in your mothers mind were hers and not something your mind was making up?
    Oh jeez SPL Texas, stop spewing so much crock shit for “God’s” sake
    !~they are deeeemoooons ooooo~! you have no way to confirm or know that you crazy bible thumper :/

  3. I’m not a hater, and this is not meant to be critical or judgmental in any personal way. However, I think it is far more likely that you are experiencing some form of schizoid disorder (which includes actual schizophrenia as well as less serious disorders) than being “clairaudient”. Schizoid symptoms include visual and auditory hallucinations, and hearing voices is one of the most common symptoms. These symptoms generally affect people starting in their late teens and 20s, and increase over time.
    I would strongly, STRONGLY urge you to contact your doctor for a full evaluation…and the sooner the better, particularly if you are having any unusual thoughts or if you experience paranoid or violent feelings.
    I wish you the best of luck.

  4. When you hear the voices do you talk back? Do you get answers back in form of voices or spiritual signs? And if you get answers back how, do they feel?

  5. hey i guess u have the pyschic ability
    but it could be misused sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly so please look for your guru or simply ask God, jesus or any God u believe so that they will guide you and give u only right path

  6. Hi,
    I’ve recently been going through the same experiences so don’t feel alone..
    You’re definitely right about the hearing becoming more clear around bedtime because that’s when our mind is more at rest and we have a higher state of consciousness..
    And about the hearing other people’s thoughts! Its happened to me before with a guy I was dating. I thought he spoke out loud and so I replied…to which he was astounded and freaked out lol
    Don’t worry about feeling schizo..for the past two months I thought I was and probably acted like it to, being unable to distinguish between reality and what was in my head…
    I found meditation and reading prayers helpful…meditation works really well if you focus on centering yourself and ignoring any sounds during the meditation session.. By the end of 2 weeks after meditating daily you will definitely feel a difference.. And far less schizo:)
    As a kid, I use to get images of tv episodes in my head the day before it comes on coincidentally.. I seriously thought I was the only one! I’m glad i found this site..and during the period of growing I’ve learned that I’m not the only one who goes through this…I just want you to know and trust that you’re not schizo and hope you find the spiritual path to develop your gift too:)
    Best of luck!


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