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Spirituality between the sexes?

My g/f likes to meditate a lot. She is a big fan of yoga.
She feels the purpose of life is to 1) connect with a higher power and 2) help others. She also eats a lot of junk food and rarely exercises and hasn’t had a job for 2 years, so she is a hippocrit.
I find God through music. I bring happiness to adoring fans at the local pub. She said playing rock and roll music about my love songs about women in general and playing to drunk groupies (guys r there 2) is selfish and has nothing to do with being connected to God and doing good.
I think what I do is cool and she is a bore, but she helped me kick heroin so I owe her. She helped me build my music studio. If she’s so spiritual how come she has big sex appetite and bug me and I am almost celibate, I just don’t want to have sex after getting hpv warts from a girl I screwed before her.
Who really knows God? I am freaking happy with all my buds. She says it’s the alcohol, pot & ego. But she’s jobless, losing me, and sad, her God?


  1. Spirituality, and sex are totally different issues, UNLESS your talking about a marriage.
    Noone can dictate how a person feels spiritually, because we all look at the universe with different eyes,
    Some can see light in a unique wway. others feel vibrations about them.
    Follow your heart,

  2. Sometimes God brings people into our lives for a single purpose, and then it’s time to move on. She helped you get off heroin, thank her and thank God, and move on, you don’t owe her.
    God work in all of our lives in different ways. Enjoy the gift of music that God gave you, and remember, all things in moderation. Keep your life balanced and give back to someone else when you get the chance.

  3. Obvious you are in the fellowship or have been around it. I think spiritually we all interpret God differently and we are all right ( correct ).
    WE all every human on earth has some sexual issue would’nt you agree ?
    We all experience, meditate, converse with God differently some do it through music, Hell I often meditate in the shower. I have also been told that is impossible.
    I only know of one thing which is impossible. One cannot pick a hair off an ants ass with boxing gloves on.
    Bottom line we cannot Judge others
    Helping others equals expecting nothing in return thus you owe her nothing
    How is that for spiritual ? LOL


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