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Spiritualists/psychics, question regarding negative energy?

These past couple of days, I’ve been feeling very negative, irritable, cranky, and not just from some lack of sleep or lack of anything. I eat healthy, sleep normal, get enough exercise/outdoors, etc…but lately I’ve been feeling a lot of negative energy surge through me, in my behavior, conversations, etc…in other words I’m really not myself.

Am I going through what is known as a “psychic attack”, or is someone sending me this bad energy and its affecting me?
Any answers not involving what was asked or smart aleck, rude comments are just going to be ignored.
I just feel angrier than usual, more aggressive, get depressed/feeling hopeless easier, and no I know its not a bout of depression, chemical imbalance, disorder or self esteem issue (I know the difference).

I just feel so much negative energy inside me and around me and I don’t know where its coming from. I try and disperse the negative energy, change my perception, I have a feeling someone or something outside my control is sending me this real bad energy.
I’m 20, I usually wear a black obsidian pendant prescribed by a feng shui expert to help ward off negative energy directed towards me/jealousy/back talk.

I also wear crystals (a mixed bag but mostly amber, tiger’s eye, and various crystals that deal with social situations (aquamarine, duertormorite, etc…)
I’ve been told that this isn’t my year and I’m at risk for a lot of negative things and to wear protection every day and to clean my pendant/crystals once a week (I cleaned them last night with the right amount of sea salt and water as instructed).


  • I wouldn’t jump right to “psychic attack,” as the first thing that enters your mind…. 1. There are other possible things (astrological things, look into the astrology first, something could be in retrograde or something, or the moon could be wanning in a way that effects your sign youknow) … 2. You could just be having a cold, allergies or a light flu. 3.. the main reason, is you start to think negatively about people.
    If you do tarot, I’d suggest divining the source of your problem here… It very well may be “Psychic attack” but it could easily be one of these other things. If it is “Psychic Attack” I recommend reading Dion Fortune’s book on the topic, as it’s still the Gold Standard. Casting circles around yourself (i.e. LBRP) are often enough for protection against these things. Simple protection spells and visualizations are outlined in the book Earth Power by Scott Cunningham, if you don’t want anything too complex that still might be powerful enough to work. (Especially if you’re well connected to the 4 elements through this sort of practice)

    ps… I see you wear Crystals… Why not try putting those ones away, and wearing, or carrying a simple Hemetite or Onyx Crystal with you for a few days. This should help ground you, and Black is a great color to absorb some inadvertant negative energy that might be coming towards you.

  • Hello

    All negativity dwells within the individual who is suffering, psychic attack is one of those issues that people fixate on rather than sort out their own negativity.

    If you believe that another can send you negativity then, when you feel down, as is a human trait, then when you do you will see it as this, rather than simply feeling out of sorts.

    Think positive, meditate & open yourself up to your own as well as the universes love.


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  • Has anything in your environment changed? New jewelry, stones of any kind, new paint or colors, any dietary changes in the last month? How old are you – anywhere near 28?

    Answer those in your comments and I’ll tell you what I think.

    ETA: Ok, the black obsidian is probably “full” – take it off for a while, and get a Hematite stone instead. Rinse the Hematite in running water or in sea salt and water every night. Black stones like that absorb and hold energy and when they get full, they spill back on you.

    The crystals you carry with you need to vary according to how you feel. You shouldn’t carry quartz, or anything orange or red when you are out of sorts. Quartz is an amplifier – it turns up whatever the energy is, so if your energy is off, it makes it worse. You need calm colors right now – amethyst, aquamarine, chalcedony. If you are having problems with stress or with your stomach, avoid yellow stones, too. It’s best not to keep stones in the room where you sleep. If you must, wrap them in velvet or leather at night.

    I doubt that it’s psychic attack, but that’s easily remedied with sea salt. Take some into the shower with you and wash with it (gently) paying particular attention to your lower back (first chakra) and the back of your neck. It’s doubtful you’ve encountered anyone that could create a connection stronger than that. If nothing else, your energy will feel lighter.

    Have you been in the moonlight? If not, do. It’s nearly as important as sun, but it gets no press – ha ha.

  • Sounds to me like you just need a healthy dose of Loving.

    But yes, it could be a spiritual attack and the only thing that I know of is for you to do a forgiveness ritual on all the people you have around you to free yourself from the negativity. For example if there’s someone you hate or hates you, please release that person to forgiveness so that when he’s hating he only hurts himself.
    What part of the country are you in? Could it be you’ve been a little too cooped up or the house needs to be re-aired out?

    Think about these things- I’m thinking positive energy for you and I hope this passes soon. Many Hugs, menome b

  • You just described how I feel about a week before my cycle every month. For me it’s hormonal, for you, I wish I could tell you a cure all but I can tell you that I would stay away from caffeine and pray for enlightenment and protection. God Bless. I will also send good energy your way.

  • Not actually a psychic attack, but it is definitely time of year related. LIkely isn’t anyone in particular that is doing it to you; you are picking up collective feelings from others. January and Early february are the worst time of year of this.

    Try staying in the next few days after you get off of work – no clubs, none of that. Be a homebody – have some home cooked meals.

    Try also to get yourself a full spectrum lightbulb or lamp, especially if your office is lit by florescents. Put a full spectrum lamp on the desk where the light falls on you, not just your work. iT will ease your eyes, and it mimics sunlight to the body, so will help lighten your mood.

    If you get a sunny and mild day, make time to be outside in the sun.

    It will get better soon, I promise. In the meantime, try these things.

  • It could be either cause, I know that, when I get those attacks it’s because something really bad is about to happen, normally a death or an injury to someone close to me.

    Try doing a cleansing, if it’s someone causing this negative energy a cleansing should take care of it, if not, then the negative energy is most likely being caused by an oncoming problem or disaster.

    Sorry I can’t help more, but I’m not able to make any kind of real connection over long distances.

  • “I just feel so much negative energy inside me and around me and I don’t know where its coming from. I try and disperse the negative energy, change my perception, I have a feeling someone or something outside my control is sending me this real bad energy.”

    If you feel this way, then it is probably the case. Of course by believing it, you might be making it worse. Believing in a psychic attack can bring one on, although I am not saying this is the cause, just saying that you could be making it worse. What you then need to do is work on a method of cleansing yourself, and repelling the energy / shielding yourself. How you do this is up to you, but generally involves visualizing white light covering you and repelling / expelling the negative energy.

  • I’d say it’s most likely your own thoughts or an old memory driving it all, not an outside attack. Think of anything different than the norm that was going on in your life right around the time it started occuring.

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