I am extremely spiritual and want to start a closed circle but i dont know if i’m ready…how do i know and are there people like me out there?


  1. Define “spiritual”.
    According to the Scriptures, if you are not born of the Spirit – the Holy Spirit of God, your spirit is in darkness, alienated from the uncreated Life of the Creator of the Universe – The Father of all spirits.

  2. You do not say if you have already sat in an “awareness circle” which is the first step towards being a member of a closed circle. I am sorry to say that just being “extremely spiritual” is not sufficient experience to run a “closed circle” because you need to be able to “control” the aura and senses of the people sitting in the circle otherwise who knows what entities will enter. There are probably many people out there who are just as curious as you and more than likely just as inexperienced. Be careful !

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  4. In a very important sense, a “spiritual” person is one who vigorously pursues the will of the Holy Spirit, as manifested in the words of sacred revelation, whether directly from God, or whether, as today, by means of the testimony of the Scriptures.
    Spiritual person thus may be the one who welcomes the Spirit’s revelation, while the natural person is the one who depends upon human wisdom, hence, does not esteem spiritual reality.
    Some Traits of the Spiritual Person:
    – will deeply believe in the existence of an intimate God, and concede the Lord has a sovereign right over his life.
    – will acknowledge that he does not posses the inherent wisdom to know how to conduct his life.
    – will strive to have a yielding spirit that longs more than anything else to obey God.
    – views things in terms of eternity, not time.
    – subordinates the material to higher interests.
    – who is truly spiritual strives for balance in his existence.
    Clearly, then the spiritual person is the one who seeks to serve the Creator with the totality of his being, operating within the boundaries of divine truth.

  5. Sometimes i get dissapointed with the lack of thought and research when one answers.
    Some of the answers to your questions seem extremely negative and very Egotistic. Ignore them as they will drain you.
    Firstly there is no guideline to being spiritual. All it means is that you have a higher awareness of life and yourself and you want to reach certain states of an even higher awareness and perhaps enlightenment.
    It is true to always take precautions before doing any spiritual work especially if there will be a lot of energy, remember that entities will pick it up. So i would say go for it just as long as you do some defensive work and make sure the people you are working with have some knowledge in this are.
    But apart from that. The single greatest thing a “spiritual person” can do is to meditate. Find a style you like, make sure you understand what you are trying to achieve and the go for it.

  6. Hello Sarah
    Maybe your first two steps should be to
    1 – decide what you wish to do within the circle, what your ethics/principles will be.
    2 – to get a few friends, just 1 or 2, who agree & wish to do the same thing so that you can get a sense of what else is needed or even if you indeed wish to continue.


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