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spiritual theory?

id heard people are supposed to kill there ego, so i tried, but it lead me to this theory,
the ego only wants materialistic things, which i thought would cause stress to obtain them, but what if thats what god uses to teach spiritual lessons with.
the ego chooses a materialistic destination, and god creates a path to it, full of obstacles to teach us with.
if thats true, then the ego can be good, but if you get out of control, it can burn you hard.
what do you all think?


  1. personal importance. in deeply way your ego comes from there, take out your personal imortance and to be councious that the death is besides you any time anywere. nagualism, INTENT

  2. Kill your ego? Manage it and work with it, but not kill it! Don’t know where you get your info from, but it’s not good!
    Even God Him/Her/Itself has Ego.

  3. Ego is an essential part of existence and therefore it can not be killed…… however, it must be kept in check and control, because its excess influence prevents us from learning and acceptance which are so very necessary for progress and happiness respectively.

  4. Killing ego is not easy, really not easy, and it isactually either take a long time or a “hard” training, mentally and physically. and even so, many times it is not successful if and again if the reason you want to kill the ego is to reach to become a Lama (Tibet) or Budha(Budhist) or Sufi(muslim) orSaint(Christian).
    For us ordinary people who can think that we are a spiritual being living in a human body, a controlled ego is sufficient to go through the reality of life.
    Our IQ even if it is >140, means nothing much for our success in this worldy world without a high EQ, but still having a high or moderate SQ is needed for oneself to be able to pass through a “materially” and spiritually successful life.
    Self controlled ego is great, no ego can be devastating.
    You see some very rich people can still be humble and have an open house for people with less money or less education; If they are entrepreneurs they like their employees to be successful and happy. They are kind to people not because they want to show off infront of a camera or public but with sincere.


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