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Spiritual question: Without an ego identity what are you?

At one with Source
All of the above
Addressing both Try to relax and Sunman: It is my vision there is no such thing as an ego; it’s a false identity programmed by parents and society. Paradoxically it is absolutely necessary up to maturity of wisdom. Realizing only Source is, is not the end of the mind. After crossing the river, why carry the boat?
I see with the use of the word “I” as in I am a misnomer. English would be more difficult without the use of I, you, mine, etcetera. Wondering just how many question its validity.
Thank you for your opinion. I respectfully differ with you. All aspects you list are functions of the brain and mind with exception to awareness. Ego is a false idea in the mind. Awareness within consciousness goes beyond it. My experiencing in deep meditation is consciousness drops off when awareness transcends the relative field. Creative consciousness function is to create the world of dreams while awareness observes. I agree with you on two counts. The ego separates’ what is real and you really don’t know who (I am) you are.
Coffee_pot… l love the Zen Slap. For those who don’t know what a Zen Slap is: It answers the question with an unrelated statement or action that stops the mind for a split second long enough to experience the answer without words. If anyone were intensely aware and silent in that moment they would have experienced what they are as the question asks.
Mystic Shiva Says,
Had you taken the time to read above and Me’s profile your question is answered.


  1. Someone who was raised in such an odd manner that they didn’t realize, as children, that as they moved their fingers, the rest of the world didn’t move.
    Been reading up on Psychology lately.
    But really, let’s think on it. (That was a joke)
    We need, as individuals, to feel like we’re individuals. We need to feel like we’re having an impact on the world around us. We need to feel needed. We need to feel important. We need to feel significant.
    If we don’t (which will happen if you don’t have an “ego identity”) you will become depressed. End of story.
    To the irrational human brain (EVERY human brain), apathy = the WORST form of depression.
    And here come the thumbs downs from the minds who cannot sit and think longer than 2 seconds nor realize that just maybe the man whose idea is wholly original is the man who knows what he’s talking about and maybe, just maybe, experienced it for himself…

  2. There is perfect emptyness, no “you” – no attachments, no suffering- this is called Buddha-nature. The closest to this out of your possible answers is “all of the above” – but this is not “you” as the question asks, there is no “you” to be this.
    We are not our form, our feelings, our perceptions, our desires nor our consciousness.
    Those are the five aggregates (Skandhas), and this is the Buddhist perspective- Buddha was the first to conquer ego and teach the philosophy of mind and we Buddhists follow the path to liberation from the bondage of Samsara and suffering.
    Edit: What’s with the thumbs down today? 🙁

  3. ‘ego sum’ is latin.
    it means; I am.
    what are you without a sense of ‘I’?
    —–many call an individual’s concept of himself the ego, but the ego is actually the sense of ‘I’ who holds the concept.
    —–from my experience the ego takes on a false identity programmed by parents and society, but in fact is the one who becomes enlightened and discards the false identity to expose a truer sense of “I’.
    —–‘I’ cross the river. ‘I’ carry the boat or discard it.
    the ego is not a boat; it’s an undeniable sense of ‘I’.

  4. Me, excellent question which requires thought and reflection. To begin with, If the following definition of the ego is correct:
    (The Ego comprises that organized part of the personality structure that includes defensive, perceptual, intellectual-cognitive, and executive functions. Conscious awareness resides in the ego, although not all of the operations of the ego are conscious. The ego separates what is real, It helps us to organize our thoughts and make sense of them and the world around us.)
    In my opinion man gave a name to what he perceived our nature to be and I for one believe there is more to man than what we now know. Philosophy enables us to console ourselves about the uselessness of philosophy.
    To answer your question of who I am without the ego to identify me? I would have to say, “none of the above” because it is my belief that I really do not know what I am. All I can say is that I am something waiting to become.

  5. Ego is that function of consciousness that makes Many out of One.
    It constantly cries, “not me!” when looking upon the world.
    The true Self sees Unity, but the Ego will have none of it.
    You are quite correct in what you say.
    Great question.

  6. I am me of course
    which coincidently is your avatar name
    Its funny how the subconcious sets you of into a question that you allready know,
    why did you choose the word ME ? because you know ME is devoid of ego. the part of ME that you dont have show or conform to know that you exist.
    I and me is the same,
    or I and I as the say it in the rastafari religion
    I means I and I is one


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