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Spiritual pimp???

by Anunnaki:

How do you confront someone about their “predatory” behavior? I know of someone who is taking a class on healing issues dealing with relationships. It’s done through a spiritual learning center…kind of like church. Well, she was approached by someone whom she felt carries the same energy that she is trying to get away from, or heal herself from. The “predator” is claiming to be coming from that “spiritual” place. You know the type. What would you do?
Thank you docjp. You are right about mind vs non mind. Shouldn’t the actual facilitator of the group say something to this person? Because the first anwerer is right, he will just move to another person, and that is not ok. People need to get there voice back, so do you confront the person or ask the facilitator to facilitate?
That’s funny…she said that she felt like she was wearing a sign on her head…thanks

Answer by Goodieb
This happened to me once when I was taking a class on Buddhism and meditation. A creepy man offered to be my ‘teacher’ or ‘guru’. He gave off the worst energy and really made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.
I told him very firmly that I was not interested. I then proceeded to avoid him at all costs. Eventually he moved on to someone else.


  1. You have to tell these people to leave. The devil sends me a new one every time I send one away. It is a never ending battle. You just have to enjoy the time in between.

  2. Completely forget the “spiritual” aspect – if he’s stalking her she should lodge a criminal complaint with the police. If not she should ignore his very existence – step around him as if he were a telephone pole, otherwise don’t even acknowledge that he exists.

  3. Discerning energy is an intuitive process which many people can be wrong about. The fact that she thinks his energy is wrong doesn’t mean that it is. Or it could be that she is trying to learn to avoid certain people with certain energy, and part of the lesson is to learn to recognize it and deal with it–certainly appropriate for her goal. Your friend is in a class right now to learn the very question you are asking. Are they not teaching the answer. Tell her to pay attention in class, and ask questions when she has them. Other than that, I think the answer is very clear: if she’s trying to learn to stay away from certain types of individuals, tell her well, to stay away. …

  4. The primary and essential thing to do is to clearly help this person differentiate between the MIND of Man, and the Spiritual realm within Man.
    The Spiritual realm within us is rarely accessed… and only after many, many years of intense meditation specifically designed to achieve this access.
    What psychology operates within is ones MIND realm and there is nothing “Spiritual” about the MIND realm. “That “Spiritual” place is only one place within each person, and when operating out of that place, a person would be as Christ, and with the same Knowledge of reality… and ANY SEXUAL energy is clear evidence the one is operating from his/her MIND realm.
    Being “hooked” by the “needs” of someone is ones own problem and it has to be addressed through competent psychotherapy…. it is not something that can be addressed adequately from an intellectual level. Of course with the vast majority of those in mental health today being fully unaware of the MIND realm within themselves, and thus within others, how one is going to find someone who is competent becomes a real challenge.

  5. Your friend needs to look at why she would be creating this person in her life. She is trying to break a cycle and until she discovers, and deals with, the reason for the cycle it will continue to repeat. In the short term she needs to make it clear that she wants nothing to do with this person. But in the long term she has a lot of self-relfection to do to figure out the cause for the attraction. If she is continually attracting these predatory people in her life then she must be wearing a sign that says ‘victim’. She has to figure out why and stop putting that message out to people. Predatory people only bother with those who display a weakness which can be exploited. Good luck.
    “The gorillas have deceived you.”
    Shane K.


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