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spiritual people?

Hey! I’ve been reading about shamanism, and I am very new at the idea, so I was wondering if there are any gatherings I could attend with kind and helpful ppl. I’m in between moving at the moment, not sure if I will be staying in So cal (In ANAHEIM) Or up here in Santa Cruz Cal. It would be nice to have people to talk to who aren’t christian (as are most of the ppl. I know)
Thanks people!
I would appreciate it if ppl. could leave their missionary ways at the door.


  1. oh, there are gatherings.
    but the best gatherings are within you. you can contact spirit guides, your spirit animal, and the wind/fire/water/ect. by doing breating and visual practices.
    some gatherings in public will take you off of your course, others will put you where you need to be but you can always rely on yourself. that’s why looking inward is the best way. so many people are clueless because they constantly look outside of themselves for answers when all they have to do is look within.

  2. True spirituality is God himself, the devil is a copycat and copies everything God does, but the devil will let you feel his power, then turn on you to destroy you and your soul. It is spiritual warfare out there, good against bad. God is the God of the supernatural and you can access the supernatural on the good side. I experience God tangibly, I feel Him all the time, I have friends that have had angelic visitations, been transported in the spirit, all by the spirit of GOD, it’s all about the source, devil & demons, or God & angels. I understand that church is boring that’s because most churches are not spiritual, they are “religious’ which is man made, but there are some good healthy ones that operate in the supernatural that would rock your world, God wants to touch you and He will, just ask 🙂 He knows you and loves you so much, he really does. You are just looking for RAW GOD, not this hipocrite mumbo jumbo religious junk. Go for the REAL thing, you were created for it. If you want more info on some real good websites etc, feel free to email me. I feel your hunger, that’s just normal 🙂


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