Spiritual Laws That Govern Humanity and the Universe?





Ask yourself how beautiful it would be if Human Beings would all be responsible for creating the quality of of our thoughts, beliefs and intentions that would determine and manifest our world. I was watching “To catch a predator” one of the guys on there said he was bored and that was why he wanted to talk to a 12 year old. I saw on the news this guy killed his friend over money. Too many human beings blame their evil actions on someone else or an object. If this is true, who can this someone else be but themselves?
If we are all got rid of our ego and love for power then we would become one.
Therefore a World with good people must exist in order to rid the Bad actions caused on humanity and even animals, so this Universe has spiritual laws and a meaning.
What do you do to end suffering? Do you show respect to all people? If you don’t why judge them? Isn’t that defining your own self when you do so?
HereticZ… all you do is look at people who do bad to put focus on someone else…i’m talking about you…what do you do to help humanity???


  1. well come to answer is i am loved to all people around .secondly various people lived with various mentality some are negative some are positive but all the judgment taken by great god I loved all animals birds and nature also environment Hartley.answer give as per the knowledge but my self i am very very soft hart man no, cruelness,tension and do some wrong to other this is very bed the I believed that love to all help to all do the best conduct and good behavior with all people and animals also

  2. Human predation is indeed a low point for humanity. But our capacity to be aware of this is limited. It is easy to focus on a drug dealer or a pedophile, who victimizes one person at a time. It is much harder to envisions a securities trader, an insurance broker, a banker or a corporate CEO who victimizes thousands, even millions, continually. We can each do our part to relieve suffering and injustice in the world, but if we don’t band together as communities and citizens, and take on the forces of greed and exploitation that create billionaires at the expense of the poor, our effectiveness will be limited.

  3. You are asking me to do something that would make me less than a person. Being distinct and separate from others is part of what makes us people and do deny that would make us less than people.

  4. What spiritual laws? There are no spiritual laws except what someone’s twisted fantasy creates. Are you referring to the spiritual law Christians are using in Uganda to rape and murder homosexuals? There’s a winner! Or how about the spiritual law Christians in the US use to encourage Christians in Uganda to murder and rape homosexuals? Or is it the spiritual law that made the church steal American Indian children away from their families and force them through beatings to accept your Jesus into their lives and ignore their own heritage? Or, maybe you are referring to the spiritual law that claims it is illegal to feed to the homeless in affluent parts of the city, such as the city park? Or, is it the spiritual law that claims people bring earthquakes upon themselves because of Voodoo?

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