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For starters…I am basically what you call a hippie. I really like the idea of being spiritually aware, zen, find inner peace, etc…, however you wanna call it. So, what I wanna know is what some of the most rewarding things are to do that involve say meditation or anything along those lines. Also, I’m not sure if it even exists, but I would like to find a way to sort of constantly be relaxed / peaceful, even when im not trying things like meditation, etc. So I would basically go about my daily life, and without even being fully aware, I would be much more relaxed because of the “thing” that I would be doing every now and then to “find inner peace”, or whatever the thing you recommend does. Please, dont disregard this as some druggies comment, i’ve been wanting to be spiritually aware and such since before I even had my first toke, I just dont know where to start.


  1. Forget the meditation stuff.
    John 14:27
    “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”
    Get Jesus! =D
    Jesus is God and the only way into heaven. Please pray a sincere prayer with all of your heart admitting to Jesus you are a sinner. Have full faith that His blood pays off all of your sins and accept His gift of everlasting life. I pray that God blesses you with peace. Amen.

  2. Take LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, or DMT.
    Being relaxed all the time isn’t something you can do, though, like it’s a decision. It’s just a constant effort on your part, it has no beginning or end like a decision, you just gotta keep on meditating and try to get in the habit of being chilled out and mindful.

  3. Sounds like your a millionaire, go and blow it on china, then find inner peace in china town, I mean your friendly insurance cheyanne.

  4. meditate and spend time in nature, pay attention to fine details in nature and that should carry out to other areas of your life.

  5. Your first mistake is trying not to be fully aware. Always be fully aware. That is how you find inner peace. Zen saying: “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood carry water.”

  6. Dude just grab a gun or buy one and put several bullets in the magazine then make sure to cock the gun and place the barrel into your dogs mouth and pull the trigger to make sure it doesn’t misfire. If your dog is dead then place the barrel in your friend or wifes mouth and pull the trigger again and if either of them die then you know you have a good weapon. After you know the gun is good you can finally aim it at yourself and pull the trigger.

  7. You should definitely start to trust in God because he takes care of everything. It feels amazing to know that I am loved and forgiven no matter what sin I commit. I am only 13 and I am committed to God and you feel great when you put your life in his hands.

  8. To become spiritually aware you have to accomplish the finding of zen/inner peace/ etc. Once you fully master meditation completely, you’ll be able to stay relaxed all the time. It is impossible to stay relaxed 24/7, but you can find a sense of peace by relating the breathing and muscle techniques learned from meditaion.
    I do this by:
    1) carrying around a small pouch of incense, a smell that relaxes me
    2) breath deeply and exhale slowly almost continuosly
    3) keep my muscles relaxed no matter what
    4) meditate for 5-7 minutes every 4 hours

  9. IMO…what you are looking for will come through understanding the nature and rhythm of the Universe. This is no small feat and will take a considerable amount of understanding of a number of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional realities.
    Try to understand your smallness as opposed to the galactic vastness of the space and time continuum, then look inside yourself and understand that the boundaries within are as vast as space itself.
    Then you will see that in your miniature uniqueness, you are as large and as powerful as the constellations that are seen with the Hubble telescope. You will understand that what and how you think will either expand the Universe or contract it.
    Learn to choose your thoughts wisely and learn to shift your reality with a somewhat measurable understanding of the far reaching results.
    This is just the start.

  10. IF you need to do
    “the “thing” that I would be doing every now and then to “find inner peace”
    or if you need to do anything at all for it,
    you do not and will not have inner peace.
    INNER peace does NOT come from outward deeds or materials or dependence on external conditions.
    Knowing this and forgetting all other suggestions, is the first step to INNER peace ! Inner peace can only come from within. From inside out, not from outside in !
    There is nothing you need to do to achieve it. It is within you always, in all circumstances, under any conditions, and without any requirements for you to fulfill other than to let it be. In any circumstances or under any conditions at any time, without needing to do any ritual and without needing any material or physical substance, just realize its within you already, at all times, just let it be, find it, acknowledge it, let it live, from inside out. You could be running a race or doing a job interview and without meditating still have inner peace. Let it be. Enjoy.

  11. The only inner piece you will find is death, looks that you have alucinogenos drugs, becareful for trying to find something not real you will lose your life. Only God when you know Him can give you that inner peace.

  12. Hello! of course all of these things are possible.. However the peace and answers anre within yourself..You have to learn to let go of all of the clutter that infiltrates your mind every day. Tnhis is the first step. the second step is to have a looks around you. Go outside and look at all of the beautiful things that this earth has to offer. It could be as simple as a flower or a tree, an animal. it is all about connection to all that is around you and healing of your soul and mind. Simply let yourself be. Meditation is an absolutely wonderful tool. If you can master this skill (it’s not that difficult), you will have it made. You will be able to turn this on and off at a blink of an eye. This will help you to take a step back and allow youself a minute to just exhist. It is irreplaceable as this can be done anywhere and at anytime. I know that we all think of the traditional sitting crosslegged with arms on our laps with our palms pointed upward. not exactlly condusinve to businness or doing whatever you do. Save the serious stuff for at home. However, you can ground youself in a matter of seconds, which makes you a very happy person and your work will reflect this. It veru easily carries on to your pesonal life. I can not tell you the peace of mind and body that you will have. You will feel connected to all and everything around you. I do have to warn you, that just like every other tool ot skill, it takes some time to master, To clear your mind is the most difficult part. Perseverance is key here. Just stick with it. I hope that this has helped you and good luck on your journey

  13. It’s simple and easy if you know how..
    All you need is to center in your heart not in your head.. Its easier than you think.
    Live in perfect joy and bliss..
    Realize that bliss and happiness is our true nature.
    Maybe this website could help you to get started:
    it’s based on pure spirituality, no religion needed. Hope this help.
    Love & Light.

  14. Life is a learning lesson. Try to remove any negative thoughts from your mind. This is about people or what happens in the world. Not easy to do but just let it wash over you and learn from these experiences. Everything happens for a reason. They are how we learn.
    Help others when you can, this can be something very small as just holding the door for someone else. Smile at others when you see them. Remove any negative teachings that you have learned about what you consider God or in your spiritual beliefs. These are ways that will bring you inner peace and happiness. Which then flows through you to the external world.

  15. in that sence im a bit of a hippie myself too
    meditation isnt something i can help you with, as im rubbish at the basic form i do myself
    and i mean basic, to help me sleep is really all i use it for or to relax on the bus etc when im stressed
    it works on the occasion because i zone out and fill my mind with other things, liek a fantasy, or some thoughts about the sky or soemthing, but i havent got close to concentrating to the poitn of having nothing in my mind, my minds too cluttered for that
    i think the relaxation/ inner peace your looking for isnt through meditation its through aceptance
    thats one thing i have found helpful accepting the things that have happened, and tryign to understand them as much as i can,
    and basically keepign my mind open to learning, whether i liek what i learn or not,and whether i agree with what i learn or not
    just accepting and taking life and its trials for what it is, life, not much you can do about it, except live it and experience it and try to coem out the other side at least a tiny bit stable


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