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Spiritual Indian Experience.?

Hey, i’m going for a long holiday to india at the end of the year. I’m really hoping to gain some sort of a spiritual experience while i’m there. I’ve noticed on t.v (Oprah show), books, magazines etc that people are saying they’ve really become enlightend after going to india and it was soul enriching etc.
I want to do past life regression, see monks, learn to meditate properly, experience their culture, learn about their religions etc.
Has anyone been to a trip to india for this sort of aim in mind…
If so, can u recomend any palces (not necessarily in Delhi, just anywhere in india) where i can experince such things like i’ve listed above.
thank you so much.
P.S. any tips, commets etc that i should know before traveling to india (i just turned 20 years old – i’ve never travelled alone before)



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