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Spiritual help, please! I am a college student and can't afford to pay, but I need help! No fakes please…?

I am a logical person and have no defined religious beliefs other than agnostic. I have an open mind, but with common sense. I can tell the difference between hallucinations and actual visions and feelings.
I am seriously scared and don’t know what else to do at this point.
I have been getting the most vivid visions and feelings in meditation states. I rarely dream while sleeping, but only in the last few months. If I do dream while sleeping, it’s so real that I awaken.
I keep having visions that relate to a time line in which I experience the unexplainable. I’ve seen and felt the way I die-in the process of saving another or when finallylexperiencece true content and happiness, a piece of metal or glass or sharp plastic lodges in my throat. I can actually feel it as it cuts into mesophagusas, then taste and fell thmassivevr blood floalongog with taste.
These are a fraction of the many visions/feelings I’ve had.
The last 3-4 years have brought me to believe that I apossesseded by something negative.
That’s all I will say thus far. A person with actual knowledge in these areas will know what to ask next. :o)


  1. What to ask next, you say? How about, WTF are you on?
    Just kidding.
    This is probably the stock answer, but I also think it’s the right one.
    See a psychologist.
    If you wanna go see someone spiritual, by all means, do, but don’t expect them to help you too much. This is concerning and I don’t think psychic magical-schmagical juju will cut it.
    Sorry for being so blunt, I hope I didn’t offend you.
    Jeez, I hope this stops.

  2. wow. I wish i could give you a hug!! Im going to college too and cant afford it.. although you only live once.. so fuck it.. gotta live up to your dream! about the dreams and weird stuff.. try going to a catholic church and speaking one on one with the prist. You can get a excorsism, not saying you are crazy although it never hurts to try! you can also try to smudge yourself with sage, keep your body running on natural food, vegetables, fruits, meats, juice, water.. natural things to keep fake toxins out of your system. try green tea, it will flush your system. maybe you are just super stressed aswell. ever think about smoking a bowl? I sometimes smoke pot to relax me. I have friends who are total stoners and will give me a bowl or two for free that way I dont contribute to buying illegal substances.. although honestly.. Being a victim of rape when i was a child.. going through my parents divorce, meeting my biological father.. being in a psych ward for a week.. losing my grandfather, my job.. going to dental school full time.. (this all happend in one month) oh and not to mention someone gave me a fender bender on my recently painted car…is A LOT to handel.. I used to be extreamly depressed and just stressed although since I have been smoking pot I am extreamly happy, passing all my classes, more social, engaged, definately more peacefull and off medications for GOOD. I can say that you should try smoking a bowl and see how you feel. read a book while you do it.. or just smoke before bed… go jogging.. try a new routine.. i really hope you feel better/get better hun!

  3. look into astral projection if you haven’t already,.. when i used to meditate without it i would get bad trips sometimes… you really learn how to control your mind alot better with it

  4. Is there anyway your pregnant? i know people who have crazy realistic dreams while pregnant.
    I used to have dreams of me dieing and actually die in them, but i usualy drowned. that happened back when i was stressed over a bunch of stuff that was going on in my life. so i talked to my mom about it and he told me that i drown when i was little and i died for less then a min….
    But im sorry i dont really know how to help you… if you can explain to me what you need hep with exactly i could try

  5. Hi,
    I am a very energy sensitive/psychic person and i myself have had negative interference from negative spirits or energy suckers/shadow dancers as i like to call them.What these spirits do often is feed off of the living for their own benefit be it through attaching themselves to the them or possessing them.I myself use an energy technique called the Maharic Seal,it has many benefits and has helped me a lot to protect me against negative interference from these pestering spirits and has instantly relieved me of psychic pain that i have felt physically from psychic attacks.If you use this technique it can help to protect you,i will also give you another link for an additional technique called Astral Body Seal which can be used when one has put up the Maharic Seal as a sort of fortification of psychic protection.
    I sincerely hope that this can help you,if you want to talk
    to someone about your situation then feel free to contact me
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