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spiritual help… Enlightenment?

I am trying to become enlightened… and i just seem to be getting frustrated… i understand non duality and i recognize it… I am a mom to 2 and expecting another one… I am emotionally on a roller coaster, and I just want to find pure happiness and less stress… I have the book by eckart tolle… awakinging to your life’s purpose or something like that… Will that help me? I sometimes think that there is this secret life, or feeling, or something that people are aware of and they just don’t talk about… i feel like I am being left behind as one of the people who have no clue about this spiritual awakening… and i just want to be a part of it… Will it help to listen to 311? I know that their music is thought to enlighten people. At the moment I feel sad and frustrated that i cannot figure this whole thing out… I feel like I need help, but I have no one to talk to. My husband is the most un spiritual person I know… I’m so confused.. HELP.


  1. Try reading “Awakening the Buddha Within”
    Eight Steps to Enlightenment: Tibetan Wisdom for the Western World: by Lama Surya Das
    Great book

  2. When you live for truth and righteousness, just for today, only now, you keep your mind from wandering into the world. It’s important to get beyond the chatter of the mind, all the anxiety and emotion of daily living. Little by little, let enlightenment find you through wordless realization. Right now, consider your genuine love for your children your love of God. In time, you will see new things and gain a greater appreciation for God

  3. Hope you know Ekart Tolle teaches witchcraft in disguise. The demonic always leaves you depressed for darkness hides in shadows. You may find others who claim they feel good but its only temp.

  4. Learn to meditate. Looking within will help bring enlightenment. I have nothing against Tolle but it’s not for me. So whether or not that book can help you is not for me to decide.
    Btw…no one gets left behind.
    If there is anything specific you wish to discuss, e-mail me. Sometimes just expressing yourself and getting it out is enough.

  5. The first thing you need to do is ask the LORD Jesus into your life, to forgive you of all sin and make him your savior and LORD. Get a Bible if you don’t have one and start reading the book of John in the New Testament. AND email me anytime with questions. I’m happy to help you!

  6. Hello Jess
    When you actively seek enlightenment it can be evasive. Like trying to catch a butterfly.
    You have young children, do you not think that that is where your spiritual growth lies at present? If not they may be the key to your own growth.
    Listen to your own intuition, if your stop trying to find a path you may hear it darling.

  7. i would say that your pregnancy hormones are causing quite a bit of this frustration, as i went through the same thing when i was pregnant with both my boys.
    you are feeling like an earth mother who needs to connect to that special “something” in the universe, and frustrated because you don’t actually know what it is that you should be connecting to!
    try some meditation to get some inner insight into what it is that you currently believe in spiritually, write it down and then then write down what it is that you think may be lacking.
    all you really need to be is nice to others and most importantly to yourself.
    don’t subscribe yourself to one religion or belief as it won’t fulfill everything that you are looking for – instead just take bits from here and there that make sense to you and make it personal to yourself.
    we are all composed of energy that sustains everything in the universe, and we are all responsible for keeping balance…so you already are a part of what it is that you think you AREN’T a part of.
    good luck and message me if you would like to chat xxx

  8. Let’s try going directly to the point then…
    Who are you?
    What are you?
    Enlightenment is realizing who/what you really are and seeing the ego for the mirage it is.
    ~ Eric


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