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Spiritual healing with crystal spheres?

anyone here have experience with spiritual healing using crystal spheres? I use Rose Quartz spheres during my meditations and surround myself with them in my room as I sleep. I also wear amythist jewelry and amber too. Is there some other crystal I should be using or one that would be better?


  1. Citrine is great for its healing properties and can be bought in sphere form at a very reasonable price!

  2. I think that any crystal you feel energy with would be a good choice, but Magnets, Copper and Silver are also good for the physical healing as well for the minor aches and pains, imagine how wonderful someone would feel if you used both in combination? Blessings in the light.

  3. Pretty much all stones/ crystal have metaphysical properties that various traditions have said to be in use for centuries. Hematite, blackish-silvery bloodstone is also a good stone to use. Its using include healing and grounding. The naturally magnetized hematite also is said to be great for achy joints and the such. Its a good multi-purpose stone that is inexpensive and widely available. Its also can easily be shaped into beads in LOTS of shapes for jewelry projects or clothing items—always available at any bead store–even walmart carries them.
    Stones/ Crystals are great for the healing aspects, but also can add a fabulous NATURE element to a room’s decor as well. I love voltive candle or tea light holders cut into larger crystals. Spheres are great, but sometimes the natural state is also unique.

  4. Hi prairie crone. I’ve been watching your posts with interest. I also do a lot of energy healing.
    When I use crystals it’s usually quartz, but the ball I use for everything is obsidian, about the size of a baseball.
    I’ve had it so long it seems a part of me.
    But my main ‘use’ for crystals [aside from just having them around] is tapping. I do a lot of crystal tapping.

  5. i would add Hematite. for it’;s ability to repel negative energy, and Garnet for it’s ability to heal the aura.


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