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Spiritual Healing and Sweet Potatoes?

I have a strange leg condition, I have had it for about 5 years now where when I am running my left leg, starting at about the left hip down will become sluggish and unresponsive after I have fun the first couple of miles. When this condition began it started as an intense pain right in my left hip, right where the pelvis and thigh meat. It seems to me it had to be a nerve condition (pressure on the nerve channel or damage to myelin sheathe) or some minor obsruction of the circulatory channel through the area. Prior to this I was a very avid runner, running many miles a day (this way sort of my escape from the pressures of life) and I could some how use this as a catalyst to turn negative anxiety energy into a positive productive energy. I know some may say this seems like whining, but when you have grown used to the habit (as I had for several years and had come to rely upon it to keep me feeling uplifted) it really takes ahold of you: I know some people don’t even have the liberty to be able to walk, but I could run and as long as this was and is within my capacity, why should I not do everything in my power to fix my leg? Anyways I tried my doctor and a nerve specialist, and their results were inconclusive, but they didn’t really seem to be striking at a point of interest whenever I made it, usually jostling me around to another specialist so that it seemed to me I could just (or my insurance) shell out more money between them. My dad finally got me to see a “spiritual healer” (I know it sounds strange), it was the mother of a girl that worked for him from california. She assessed my leg and came to the conclusion that the “energy channel’ through my left leg had been damaged. She said I had a strong action mentality and that I was a ‘doer’, and this was manifest in my right leg, but that I didn’t feel supported (financially, and in the family etc.) which was at least partially true because I know my step dad and mother are both evil, and I am trying to find a way to make myself more independent of them in general and break off communication completely eventually. The lady also said that I had to eat sweet potatoes to increase the amount of “blue energy” that flowed through my left leg: I did and whenever I eat these I get pins and needles in my left foot for some reason and I does indeed feel like that part of my leg is healing (for instance, the left thigh will get sore like it is just recently recieving oxygen or the nerve is coming back to life in the area). Does anyone know what on earth is going on, i used to be kind of skeptical of spiritual aura, but not so at the moment. The lady even heard the music in my head that I was listening to when she looked at my leg, I was sort of freaked out (as if they could read my mind). Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do, I know just not being able to run seems like such a mundane and trivial matter, but to me it had actually become very important as rediculous as that sounds, like I said it sort of catalyzed my negative anxiety into positive productive energy and mentality and affected everything in my life in that way.
@ Chaoscleaner – Your mention of mind over matter is something I have given a lot of mind to as well and have researched, the statistics linking this emotional state of people and physical state i think is a very good sign, though some people are skeptical, emotional and mental state certainly has a very potent effect on physical status, it is in the medical statistics.
@ Sacred Chao – Thank you. Yes, this does make sense that the sweet potato would have been a tried method so it would be tied in with spiritual healing. I hope it is good for the soul : )


  1. Sweet potatoes are good for the soul ^_^
    Plus they’re a great source of quite a few nutrients. It’s a pretty safe recommendation on her part, like a doctor recommending plenty of sleep and fluids.
    Which makes sense. Folk medicine (including “spiritual healers”) has a strong reliance on tried and true methods that can be recommended for an array of ailments.

  2. That sounds like a whole lot of nonsense to me. It’s probably just the placebo effect.
    There has never been any conclusive proof that “auras” exist, or “energy channels,” or any of that other New Age psychobabble that she was feeding you.
    EDIT: “Field of energy” does not equal “aura.” Sorry.
    More importantly, Kirlian photography is only proof that a small amount of electricity is produced by the human body and other living things, which can then be captured on photographic emulsion. I don’t know how anyone makes the leap from naturally-produced electricity to some ethereal “aura” that surrounds the body. There are Kirlian photographs of coins, and nobody is claiming coins have auras.

  3. That’s pretty interesting. Here’s what I know. I have a dis-ease that millions of people have; there is no cure. So what’s left? Either live with it (it’s progressive) or, since the medical professional hasn’t come up with a cure – turn to esoteric ideas (for lack of a better word at this moment.) Which, for me, was using the mind and basically positive thinking. When I told my primary physician that that’s what I was going to do, he said “And don’t stop doing that.” (He didn’t give me a “look” and it felt like he felt it might help.) Although I’m not “cured” I certainly am a lot better then where I was. It’s an ongoing process that I don’t intended to give up on.
    So – that’s my point of view. “Mind over matter.” Do sweet potatoes work? I have no idea, but I do know there are things out there that seem to be beyond science that do work for people. If it’s “just their minds” who the hell cares. Maybe part of you was desperate and looking for “some” answert, and part of you chose to believe in this woman and that’s why it’s working. But who cares, eat dem sweet taters (they are good for you anyway) and I’d add some nice powerful “positive thinking” to boot. Our bodies are quite capable of healing ourselves in many areas. It does it all the time.
    Good luck to you! (Sorry, I got long winded. lol)


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