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spiritual folks not assigned to any religion but very awakened spiritually. share experiences?

of spiritual awakening.


  1. Raised a fundamentalist Southern Baptist…but, not welcomed once I told other’s I was gay.
    I found a real relationship with Christ shortly thereafter…when all people who called themselves Christian turned away from me…I found that God did not…he stayed right there….that’s it in a nutshell.

  2. I am born of God, born of His Spirit, cleansed by His Blood, joint Heirs with King Jesus, part of the family of God.
    I am sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise & am filled with the Holy Spirit. And I make the soul choice to follow after the fruits of the Holy Spirit most of the time.

  3. It can happen at any time. It comes and goes. It feels like goosebumps, or “chills”: particles, atoms, etc. in your body vibrating at a higher level. You can practice focusing on this feeling. It is something that my brain doesn’t understand, but I can feel it NOW.
    God does not exist outside of me, or outside of you…
    “The kingdom of heaven is within you” -Jesus

  4. Raised in a Mennonite community but found religion to be meaningless. I always wanted to be good though and go to heaven. I later realized that I am on my way to hell I need to acknowledge that Jesus died for me because He loved me, and wants me. So I accepted Him, and life has been different for me ever since! I can talk to God as often as I need to, and every time I can hear back from Him. Christianity is not anything about a religion, it’s about a relationship with Jesus Christ, is what I found out. Once Christianity turns to a religion, it’s turned bad. Jesus himself hated religion, just look how he talked to the Pharisees.

  5. I was raised in a half Catholic half Atheist family. Was a selfish carless human being for several years. Then I met a Muslim and started studying Islam. Though Allah was graceful enough to grant me a miracle, remained an unbeliever. It just didn’t make any sense at all (that faith).
    Then I started studying Buddhism. Those teachings made a whole lot of sense to me (non attachment to anything, because happiness depends on the mental attitudes we nurture and not on anything/anyone outside. plus it is not wise to cling to anything because of the universe’s changing nature). other thing that I liked from buddhism is that it does not request blind faith from its followers, neither do buddhists expect heavenly punishments/rewards.
    i guess it was the concept of karma what awakened my soul, and made the functioning of the universe much more understandable to me. ever since i undestood all these principles and included them in my daily life, i began to have a happier life.
    however, i did not like all the superstitious rituals in Buddhism (pujas) which I am sure have little to do with buddha’s original teachings.
    in the end i did convert to Christianity. the reasons (testimony), here:
    of course there are things in Christianity i don’t fully understand or agree with, but the truth is that the signals i got were so overwhelming that not even a skeptic like me could pay a blind eye to them.
    in the end, i found on the bible several pearls of wisdom that are good advise for anyone, regarding of their faith or lack of it. here i share some with you:
    it has been a long journey. i know you asked for experiences from people not assigned to any religion, but since that was my case for several years, i thought sharing my story with you could be of use.

  6. Non denominational….former atheist. My deliverance came through the one thing that had always stood between me and God….a man. I was extremely self centered, arrogant and unforgiving. I focused so much energy on being everything to whoever I was dating and yet I would literally floor the relationship over a cliff if the guy made a tiny mistake. So it was an endless cycle of burnout. Relationship after relationship. Finally came one (my husband) who turned my world upside down; he made mistakes and refused to let me dump him. It forced me to deal with alot of pain (which i realized was what I had been running from when I broke up with people so easily) and I finally had to turn to God to help deal with the pain I couldnt get rid of on my own. I heard God’s voice when I was in my backyard crying for Him to remove my husband (then fiance) from my life…He told me…”NO…I wont remove him because its THROUGH this one, that I will finally get you to DEPEND on ME.” Since that time, I have turned my whole life around as has my husband. I finally stopped running from God and gave my life to Him. I focus all the energy I used to give to people on Jesus. My husband and I dont just say ‘we’re christians’..we truly live it…at home, at work, with family, in our finances…all that.
    God is real and He is able to deliver you (even when you think there’s nothing WRONG with you).

  7. Just about a year ago while sitting in a book store I got this almost irresistable urge to go to the religion section. I found myself being drawn to books written by atheists showing all the inconsistencies in the bible. I was then led to read about the hidden books that had been discovered in the nag hammadi library. I also became aware of some of the gnostic beliefs. After about 3 months of searching but not really being sure of what I was looking for, it all came together. When I read The Apocryphon of John, I realized that this was the cornerstone that clears up the confusion created by the bible and christianity. When you make the Spirit of truth the foundation for faith it all makes sense. Enoch, Elijah, Jesus and His followers were pragmatic, gnostic mystics. They completely depended on the Spirit of truth within them to show them the way to becoming the person that they were created to be. Forget the god of Moses and focus all your attention on the Spirit of truth within you.


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