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Spiritual crisis… HELP?

Okay, so here goes.
I have a hard time beleiving in a god… especially one that focuses on the earth. IF there is a god which i doubt, i think that probably it would be aware of us as we are aware of the germs on our bathroom floor.
So i start to think i am atheist, cause i think that everything can be explaned by science… but is the big bang evidence of a god? i mean what started the big bang?
Help has anyone gonethrough this?
PLease dont ask me to look to jesus for saviour.


  1. well if u don’t beleive in god then why do u ask about a spiritlual crisis? i guess u r an atheist (No offence)
    but i’m going to serve him my god lord and savor for ever

  2. Sometimes I have doubts about my Catholic faith, but then I think “I’ve been in this beautiful religion (Catholicism) for so long, and it has helped me throughout my life, then why should I not believe in it anymore?” I just strive to keep on going w/my faith. Read the catholic Bible, its Catechism, and talk to a Catholic priest. Consider becoming Catholic. Please try this out before you make a huge mistake . . .

  3. I appreciate your situation, but what it comes down to is that you are going to have to find the best answers you can, and, hopefully, they will work for you. I don’t ever remember looking for God or Jesus, and I was never a seeker of enlightenment or a spiritual path, but I found out a lot about those things anyway, and I found that there was a lot more to them than I thought, that they are at least as real as all the other parts of life. I came to the conclusion that God probably exists, and I could make it the rest of the way on faith. I’ve also looked at all of the arguments set forth by the atheist types(Christopher Hitchens), and I find their answers to be pretty sophmoric. They want believers to prove that God exists, but they can’t offer any proof that God doesn’t. By me, God could have created the Big Bang, the evolutionary process, life on other planets, other dimensions, etc. Take my word for it, Jesus was a very righteous, cool dude, and he was the greatest writer and poet of all time. Maybe you’ve been operating with some bad information. Good luck in your search.

  4. read this verse luke chapter 11 verse 2 -4. he tells us right there how to pray. seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall recieve. he will show you that he is real…keep watching and waiting you will know . god bless

  5. Yes, I’ve thought about it a bit. Here is a paper I wrote on the subject…
    Science tells us that, at some point in the past, a cloud of Hydrogen gas gathered together and exploded. This caused the resulting multitude of gasses to swirl, gather and eventually form planets, suns, moons, etc. Ok, so this is the simplified version, but it’s still the basic tenant of the Big Bang Theory.
    The Big Bang Theory is exactly that, a theory. It’s an idea that someone had and began to propagate, proselytizing scientists that refuse to believe in a higher being. No one has proven the Big Bang, nor will they ever since they cannot reproduce it in a laboratory and study it according to scientific standards. There are laws in nature that cannot be broken or ignored, as much as some scientists might like to ignore them for the sake of the Big bang Theory. Laws that govern the relationship of gasses, heat, time and energy.
    Lets look at the difference between a LAW and a THEORY. A Law is a fact or a set of facts that cannot be disputed. Those ideas of things that can be duplicated in a laboratory and studied. Nature has Laws, such as gravity. It exists, can be duplicated and studied; therefore we have the Law of Gravity. Mathematics has many laws, one being that E=MC2.
    A THEORY is an idea that has not been proven. Evolution has never been duplicated and is therefore a Theory. There are very few facts concerning the Theory of Evolution. Charles Darwin formulated the idea during a trip to the Galapagos Islands. The idea was a result of having seen animals never encountered by men. Evolutionary Scientists (an oxymoron considering that Evolution cannot be considered a science since it has never been proven or duplicated) regard Mr. Darwin as an icon in that field of study. Charles, himself, made a deathbed confession that his theory was unfounded and the worst thing anyone had ever done to mankind.
    Knowing the difference between a Law and a Theory, even scientists admit that the Big Bang is ONLY a theory because no one has ever created a universe under laboratory or any other conditions.
    There are just a few problems with the Big Bang Theory….
    Where did the Hydrogen come from?
    The first thing science tells us is that there was a cloud of Hydrogen floating around in the vacuum of space. Where did it come from? Had it been there since the beginning of time? If so, when did time begin? Time, as science knows it, has no beginning and no end. The Hydrogen must have existed in a state of stability for an unending amount of time before it gathered and exploded.
    How did the cloud form?
    The Law of Gaseous Dispersal tells us that gasses tend to dissipate and mix rather than collect. Gas molecules bounce off of each other and spread out rather than gravitate together and form clouds. It has been proven again and again that if a gas is introduced into a vacuum chamber, the gas will disperse within the chamber rather than collect into a mass.
    Knowing that this is true, why and how would a cloud of Hydrogen in the vacuum of space form? The fact is that it wouldn’t gather together without an outside influence. Since, according to science, there no outside influences in existence (since, according to science, there is no God) the Hydrogen gas cloud could have never formed.
    Fission, not explosion
    In the scientific view of the Big Bang Theory, the cloud of Hydrogen exploded.
    However, if a cloud of Hydrogen gas did somehow form as large as science says it did, it would have eventually created a gravitational field and the atoms would eventually fall in upon themselves to the point that great heat and pressure would form. The effects of this can be seen every day that our own sun rises and the stars come out at night. Rather than a massive, universe-creating explosion, we see a continuous nuclear burn. Rather than forming planets and stars, the nuclear fission would eventually burned out leaving a dark, cold, vast vacuum with a spattering of burned out nuclear material.
    No Oxygen
    In order for Hydrogen to explode, without the option of nuclear fission, there must be an oxidizer present. Science seems to have missed that little fact. Hydrogen, or any other fuel for that matter, cannot explode or catch fire without the presence of Oxygen. According to science, there was ONLY Hydrogen. If that is so, then how did it explode? And again, if there was Oxygen, where did it come from and why didn’t science ever tell us about it?
    Ok, just for argument sake, let’s say there was a huge cloud of Hydrogen floating around in space. Let’s also assume that, somehow, the Oxygen that scientists have never told us about was there and could create the universe-creating explosion. Since the Law of Gaseous Dispersal discussed earlier tells us that, rather than the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms falling in upon themselves, they dispersed into the vastness of space, no fission could have started. Therefore, some form of heat or flame had to set off the explosion, if enough atoms happened to be close enough to burn. Every Boy Scout learns about the Fire Triangle. Fuel + Oxygen + Heat/Flame = Combustion. Eliminate any one and of the Fuel, Oxygen or Heat/Flame and there can be no combustion. In light of this, there had to be an outside influence. So, who lit the match?
    Other gasses?
    As of late, there has been a lot of research being done to develop Hydrogen Fuel Cells for automobiles and other applications. Anyone can pick up a copy of Popular Science Magazine and read all about the research and the latest developments in that area. Scientists and Environmentalists love the idea of Hydrogen Fuel Cells because after separating the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms from water, they are re-mixed and burned to produce energy. After burning, all that is left is water vapor.
    If science is right and there was a cloud of Hydrogen, along with some Oxygen to make it explode, the ONLY thing that would have resulted from the Big Bang is water vapor. Since we know that’s true, as a result of actually burning Hydrogen and Oxygen in laboratories, where did the other gasses come from that created the planets?
    If you ask a scientist; the planets, stars, moons, nebulas, etc. were formed from a variety of gasses swirling around the universe as a result of the Big Bang. But, looking at what science has told us, where did those other gasses come from? If there were other gasses present, they must have been in sufficient quantity to be able to produce all of the heavenly bodies. If that is true, why didn’t science tell us about those either?
    Second Law of Thermal Dynamics
    The Second Law of thermal Dynamics states that everything is going from order to chaos, from new to old. A friend once told me that the universe is like a wind up watch. It is slowly winding down, the spring slowly releasing its tension as time goes on.
    Stars that have been burning for eons are running out of gas, the planets creeping to a stop, the universe slowly winding down to a day when it will be totally dark, no movement, no heat…nothing. Just a vast emptiness with a few balls of dirt lingering here and there. Since even science accepts this to be true, who wound the watch (universe) in the first place?


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