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Spiritual Connection and telepathy?

If two people have a spiritual connection with each other, wouldn’t that mean they also have some form of telepathy between them? A spiritual connection has a great deal of energy between two people and when the two are far away from each other they can almost always “feel” the same feelings and often think the same things when they are away from each other. So wouldn’t that be some form of telepathy too?


  1. Sounds like TRUE LOVE!
    Most people search their entire lives 2 find a connection such as you speak of.
    Please do NOT waste this valuable treasure of the spirit!
    Lucky you! The Angels have given you a GIFT!
    Remind each other of the joy you have found together!
    Sounds 2 me as if you got blessed!
    It ain’t 2 be taken 4 granted!

  2. Yes it would be telepathy. Spirit is not limited by time or space. With people I am connected to I can feel them and know when they are coming close.

  3. I have that with someone and I am almost afraid to even think about anything he picks up on it. It is really odd to me I never had someone be that close in my thought process. Wild. So is that LOVE?


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