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Spiritual awareness/sixth sense?

I want my spiritual power/awareness to grow. Does anyone know any exercises or anything to help ‘awaken’ my sixth sense?
May you please give information about developing your sixth sense/spiritual awareness?
Please don’t take this as a joke, and if you do, then don’t reply.
Thank you


  1. Meditation is the best way to begin. Its the doorway. I suggest meditation on the aura and chakras specifically. You can google it there are many sites out there that provide knowledge. I suggest focusing on opening the chakras first. Then strengthening both your chakras and your aura. The spiritual awareness will come in time. I have provided a link to specific meditations that have helped me greatly. Good luck in your journeys.

  2. There is only one sense, the sense of feeling. All other senses are different forms of the same sense.
    To see, hear, touch, smell or taste is to feel. All senses lead to feeling.
    All sensory stimulus are basically vibrations. Light waves, sound waves, tactile and chemical vibrations. The universe is one whole seamless sea of vibrations. Your five sense interprets the different levels of vibration into sight, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting.
    Vibrations that are beyond the range of the five senses ability to detect can be perceived directly by our consciousness. All sensory input travels through our nervous system and gets processed by our brain and passed on to our consciousness, the higher energy aspect of our being. Our consciousness can perceive beyond the limits of our physical bodies that it is in phase with while we’re alive.
    All senses are feeling, all feeling is knowing
    seeing is feeling,hearing is feeling,touch is the closet sensation of feeling, taste is feeling,thought is feeling that controls feeling.
    6th sense is feeling
    7th sense is thought
    All lead to knowing


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