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Spiritual Awakenings…?

Allow me to ask what led to your Spiritual Awakening, how did you know when you arrived at it, did you discover alot about yourself?
Im not asking about being “born again”…been there, done that…and I’m not saying that sarcastically…that’s just not my question.
Look forward to hearing your experiences and thanks in advance.
P.S. Is there such a thing as Spiritual Therapists…I mean from what you know? (thanks again)


  1. yes…i remember the day, the way the sun slanted thought the window when i heard a voice say “who is God”. I thought well that’s silly, I know who God is…the voice repeated who is God? I said I know who God is, He’s that guy in the sky who sits on a stone throne throwing thunderbolts at you for no reason, allows you to be abused, damns you to hell before you know it and i just don’t like that God. The voice said “Neither do I, come here, i want to show you something. and God did. Still had to deal with issues, look at myself in the cosmic mirror, tame all my demons but I found a Being of Light, Love , rightness and truth that God is Love. A conscious loving being.

  2. It started with a very strong urge to visit the religion section of a book store to find books pointing out the contradictions in the bible. Three months later after reading and understanding the gnostic gospels I knew what was wrong with the bible and how to fix it. Even better I now understand how The Holy Spirit makes the principles Jesus taught applicable to real life situations.

  3. it all started when i had a tarot reading it made me accept all the good and bad things that have happened in life and realise that they’ve led me to this point and who i am today, i have no regrets about anything, tarot is good therapy!
    it wasnt an overnight thing it was a gradual realisation, i look back and cannot believe i was once that person!

  4. Well, as you by now know, I used to be in the military. I was young, but I was good. I had potential, the military was dangerously low on leaders and with this whole war thing going on, they needed them. So, I climbed the ranks structure rather faster than most will in times of Peace. In three years, I was assigned a tank crew all of my own. I was the youngest tank commander in the Canadian Forces since the Korean War.
    I was good at my job, and I liked my job. So I thought. Well, I knew I was good at it, but I thought I liked it. One day, I started doubting what I was doing. I joined the military to help people. Kind of hard helping people when your office is the turret of a vehicle with a soul purpose to blow things up. Lets face it, it’s a cannon that moves around where ever you want it to. What’s helpful abou that.
    I literally woke up one morning and started thinking, I shouldn’t be here. I don’t want to fight any more. After two tours in Afghanistan, I grew to think I really didn’t belong in the military. After coming home from my last tour, I decided to take some saved up leave and go to Hawaii for a couple weeks and rethink my life. In those two weeks, between the Mai Tai’s the luao girls, I came to the dicision that although I was a good soldier, I wasn’t supposed to be one.
    I went home with a clean head and wanted a clean slate. It took me damn near two years to be fully discharded and it was a disasterous period, but in the end, three years and 4 days now later, I’m much happier about my ‘spiritiual awakening’
    I’ve told this story more than a few times but it’s relevant so what the hell?

  5. I witnessed mine two days before it happened. First time round, I misunderstood it as a failed out of body experience. By the time I was living it two days later, I had a physically impossible set of 100% accurate notes about it in my pocket that no amount of scientific worldview could explain away. I had to rewrite my entire understanding and outlook from the ground up…yes, tons of self-discovery!
    2) yes, there is…

  6. For about 10 years, in India, I was involved in stringent spiritual ritual — day in and day out. Then life suddenly took a turn, and I landed up in Charlotte. At Charlotte, because of circumstances, I was not able to perform the rituals. In this gap, when the ego was weak and mind was calm, something happened and I had a strange extraordinary strong urge to do something, which I was not sure as what to do. Probably that was my spiritual awakening.
    When I took an inward turn, mind retaliated with umpteen questions such as who is God? Is God a mere concept for physically and mentally weak people? Why so many miseries in the life? What is the purpose of this life? Why death? What is death? What after death? Why is God so imperfect? Why God is creating problems for all of us? What is the source of this universe and who has made the Nature? Is everything pre-destined? What is the role of free-will? What is religion and rituals? Every religious man has their own conviction, then who is right and who is wrong? What is the definition of right and wrong? Why blood-shed on the name of religion? How do we meditate and get peace?
    And most vital question is – who is asking all these questions? Who am I? What is my true nature? What is my origin and the final destination?
    In order to understand these questions, I stepped out of my material-self; understood “what I am not” – and journey is still on…

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