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Spiritual awakening events…?

The only way I can describe it is as in the movie The Matrix I have stepped outside the Matrix, I symbolically took the pill that allows me to see what is really happening here. I find myself saying things that other people don’t comprehend and some profound things also that cause people to say “where the hell did that come from” or how do you know that. I am used to leaps in spiritual understanding that’s seems to be the way it ahppens in my life. But this is kinda odd and I thought I’d share and see if anyone else has experienced this. I have a whole new perception of my reality, life here, direction, purpose, other people, God. I love the Journey!!!
The concept of being “one” with everything, I’ve given lipservice to it for years but now suddenly I feel as if I know it in my body and soul and I treat people differently I am more commpassionate and caring about everyone I come into contact with. Then the other concept is the belief that I create my own reality with my thoughts I have alwasy believed that also but recently the thing I want /need/desire have been coming to me in unexpected ways and very quickly. There are a few of the things I’m experincing.


  1. I can say that though I have not experienced something like this I have rather met people like you and find it very interesting. Actually met only one like you and find him incredibly inspiring and extraordinary, in a way that I had always thought of myself to be naturally,but not even close,I realize theres another dimension in this world that I know is there but still somewhat blind too. I’m intrigued.


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