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Spiritual awakening and starting a whole new life?

Hi. Couple of months ago i had this instant weird feeling which I was able to see the world in a whole new perspective. How we are all one and the reality is beyond and way more pretty and complicated than we know. I was able to see the world from other peoples eyes even animals and plants. How much we are connected to Earth and The Universe. I never believe in this kinda stuff before because how the spiritual people are. I met quite a few people who calls themselves spiritual however the way they act and see the life is way different than my perspective right now. I had 2 big spiritual events and 2nd one I saw The Buddha on the top of the ocean in front of The Sun. Everything was me and I was everything. Wind, ocean. Mountains. After these experiences I became a vegan. I can’t even kill a bug anymore. I can’t walk on the grass. I haven’t bought anything in months which I used to love shopping. I can’t watch a violent movie even the ones with just bad energy. I sold all my clothes or donated them. I wear no make up. I don’t have any interest on money, beauty, ego. I just saw maybe a little glimpse of the reality and just realized how so many things around us just so wrong and pointless. I really want everybody to be happy and love each other and search for the reality because that’s the real thing. I started reading and talking to people who is into being spiritual and who calls themselves Enlighten however theses people are still so much into the material life and seems like they’ve created themselves a fake, imaginary enlightenment. My only goal is to move back to the 3rd world country I’m from and buy a small house in the middle of nowhere and enjoy my life, meditate and create my own reality. Since this is the only thought that makes me happy and feels so right my only concern; is it possible to lose my mind if I don’t have enough connection with people ? But once again since the reality does not exist can we really say that that’s the wrong thing and being “normal” is the right thing. By the way I know my English is not good.


  1. It’s okay to walk on the grass. If the grass could speak, it would tell you so. Grass is the world’s carpet. Grass would be sad if no more animals walked on it, and it was all alone.

  2. Although living the life of a hermit is service of a sort (on the inner planes) it might be more rewarding for you to create a life of “outer” service. Is there some way you can help those around you right now? If you do return home can you find or create a way to improve the lives of others? This could be a s simple as holding meditation circles once a month. Find a way to help others create better lives for themselves.
    Going to extremes is not necessary. Try to find a middle path. You might find the info at the link below helpful. It’s the website of the woman who leads my meditation group. Many of us have had similar experiences as you.

  3. For me being spiritual doesn’t mean living outside of the material world, it means living in it while keeping a connection to our higher power. I found that one point of living in the external world is to do my best to help it reflect the ideal internal world, so to me my own looks/house etc is important to a degree.


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