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Spiritual Awakening after some stalking?

Ever wake up to an inbox full of VN’s and feel a bit saddened that you have to protect yourself?
(add me — you beautiful, wonderful, spiritual peeps!)


  1. In the online world, sick b@stards and stalkers run amok. I understand your situation. Things can get so messy if you’re not careful…..so it helps to have some basic protective measures in place (such as blocking anyone who adds u without asking first at Y!a).
    One thing that always works when you find yourself harassed by the Report Monkeys at Y!a is to step back from posting any kind of Q/As that you think they might be able to exploit, for a week or so. Usually it wards off the heat, and they find someone else to waste their pathetic lives stalking.

  2. Rest the account that s getting all the VN’s for two weeks. It seems to put them off. I think they have very short attention spans and if they don’t keep seeing you they will go and persecute some other poor bugger.
    Mind you I may not be the best one to give advice on protecting oneself from monkeys. The Oopsing of Eartha-ly Delights this morning takes my total of dead accounts to 28. I’m on track to catch Princess if this keeps up.

  3. I don’t let ’em worry me…I’m still on my first account despite some blockers and report monkeys (hi Olga!)…the majority of my VNs I dispute and usually when I do, they get reversed. The feeling of vindication always outweighs the annoyance of the VN.

  4. Hmmm, I didn’t have this one on my contacts.
    You might want to consider closing your Q&A as well as your contacts. I hate that idea but we all need protection.
    Peace, Bill

  5. Peep!
    Yeah, on this account I practically watched some luser go through my history after I answered a question asked by Jerry.
    I wonder who the luser was who shot off 9 VNs after I answered a question asked by Jerry?

  6. I had one VN this morning and a suspended Deep Blue. I’m quite displeased with that. I’ve been (relatively) good on that account…fewer than 20 VN’s on a level 6 that’s almost 2 years old? I can’t believe I got suspended!


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