Spiritual and Time Realms?

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Jesus was predestined die for the sins of human kind. He arose to Heaven as the prophets said he would. The Book of Revelation tells of the future. God is capable of seeing the past, present, and future according to the Bible. Even the prophets did this through visions.
Now is it possible for other time realms to exist? Are we in the present as well as the future on another level? Perhaps the quantum level?
If prophets, psychics, and mediums can see through these realms why can’t the shifts be present on another level as with a wormhole?

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Phoenix Wright

Wow, you’re really deluded. I don’t know where to begin.


so is this the plot of your next sci-fi novel?


maybe you could get a good answer if you posted this in astronomy

Part-time Antagonist

Albert Einstein- Time and space are modes in which we think not conditions in which we live.
Spirit realms or the universe’s life force we can all open up to are different.
No other time exists except for the present.

Story Junkie

Ah, you have made then next step, grasshopper. now consider the manna that fell in the desert. What was it, exactly? And why was God so reluctant to give them anything else?

Daisy Indigo

I think it’s possible, there may be infinite dimensions where time is slower or faster, or even dimensions where there is no time because all events take place at once.
There may also be an infinite number parallel universes where all possibilities for each individual play out.


Other and spiritual dimensions are in place, plains and perhaps even more advance planets.
The only actual time realm, visions is either seeing it through God’s eyes, if he allow you to, and I believe there is a spiritual way like astral travel.

dhananjeyan m

The answer is yes. Einstein is the evidence for this question.
General theory of relativity is expalained using your question.
If you able to move in time dimension witha speed of light you will realize.
Small example : the light ray reaching to earth from sun is around 8 min in difference.
just stop one ray in sun for one sec then allow it.
You will receive that signal (action) 8 min after that.
So when you received “present” is the ” past ” in sun.
A place where the light travel is 2 light year distance will be received according to the distance 2 min after that is the futrue to that point when you are receiving the signal.
When a distanct place they receive the signal your action point will consider that as your past.
Time movement explained by einstein.


The book of Revelation is ALL symbolic. In my understanding, the way God can see the past, present, and future, is that there have always been Gods, and things are the same now as they always have been.
So it is not an “experiment” for God, it is being done here on earth the same way it has been done forever.
There is no time travel, except for that as spirit children growing up with our Heavenly Parents, we could watch “Imax” movies per say, of any planet we want to–some going through the time of early man, some in the time of dinosaurs, some in the time of robots, or some in the time of the “Christ.” So in a sense, it would seem like we were going forward or backward in time since we could view any of these “times” at will.
It would seem to me that there is no “time” for God. He is just doing what makes him happy, and there is just peace and happiness for Him and all those who have already passed through their “2nd estate,” which is what we are in right now.
I bet they (God and angels) can travel much faster than we can even imagine, so to us, it may seem like a “worm hole” or traveling sort of like they did on Star Trek.
Just my 2 cents.


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