Spirit Contact: Some Can, Some Cant? No: Anyone Can

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This week, I’ve received two opposing questions based on my CD “Contacting the Afterlife – A spoken beginners guide”. One person replied, excited, that they got information straight away, the other has tried and failed. So I thought I would comment on this. The frequent question is “why can’t I?” or “Can only some people contact the Afterlife?

I do believe everyone can connect with family and friends who have passed away. Having said that, I’ve come to understand that everyone is different, and different people get different things, in different ways, to varying extents. Firstly, if you’ve tried my simple method and it hasn’t worked initially, don’t give up, but change your perception of what to expect.

I find the most common cause of failure to connect is to expect something specific, or to expect too much. Throughout my articles, I stress the importance of letting go, and see what happens. From my own example, having no clue what to expect, I just accepted anything that happened as a start. In that regard, I had the advantage, because I didn’t even know if it was real, possible, or imagined.

The signs you get can be in one or more of the following: a “feeling”, a “thought”, a “smell”, a “touch”, a song in your head for no reason, a voice, or the thoughts from a voice, and in rare instances, “seeing” something or someone. I find most people, especially when they first get something, tend to only get one of those signs, and tend to continue to only get the one type of sign for a while. The question is, which one? If you haven’t tried this yet, then you’re probably thinking: “what should I expect?” And that’s great, because it’s important not to expect ANYTHING specifically.

The two guides that will help you the most are the video and CD. The video is linked on the website (“Coffeetime“) on YouTube. It talks you through a simple example that many people have found works well for them. The other is the Cd “Contacting the Afterlife” available as CD or download from numerous music sites (linked on the website philg.net.au), including iTunes. When you use the technique I talk about, it’s important to remain open to anything. And then, don’t dismiss simple things, often momentary flashes, here and gone in a second, and almost always within the first millisecond of your asking for something or saying ‘hello’.

Another way I found helped a lot of people, is to build an emotional link. It’s easy to do. If you’ve lost your Mum, Dad, Brother or Sister, Partner, or Friend, think of them. Sit quietly, breathe gently, deeply, slowly, and just think about them. After a while, change your thoughts to something that triggers an emotion. Perhaps remember a funny time, or a happy time with them. Or a sad time. Perhaps allow yourself to think of how you felt when you said your final goodbye. Anything that means something to you, on a deep personal emotional level.

This causes two distinct things to happen. YOU let go of your own thoughts and expectations, and instead concentrate on how you feel about them, being with them, missing them. It’s hard to concentrate on trying to connect with the Afterlife if you’re involved in strong emotions. Your conscious mind just lets go. The other thing is the person you’re thinking about feels, hears, knows what you’re thinking, remembering, saying. And they try harder to reach you, and find it easier to reach you while your conscious mind is letting go.

In this time, you will get something. It could be very brief. It could be a feeling, smell, touch, sound, thought, image. It is most likely illogical, not connected with what you’re thinking about, and quite likely mean nothing to you. Hold that moment, and when you move out of that experience, think back to it. You will probably have a ‘light-bulb moment’ when you think “Oh, wow, that makes sense” or “I know what that’s about”, or “I’d forgotten all about that”. Before you dismiss it as a coincidence, just thank them for being there.

And do the experience again, another time. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to recognize the signs of Afterlife contact. Just relax, take it slowly, don’t expect too much or anything specific, and don’t give up if it doesn’t happen immediately.

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SSV Kumar

Yes, I know it is there. I tried for some time but left. I had so many amazing incidents. Long time back my father’s soul contactedme abd then my uncle’s. i remembere it. I uncle told me to do some thing for his son which is tantrik. i had done it. amazingly my uncle’s some become a rich man. But I didn.t get any thing I am here as I was. So I left all those things as i disgusted.


may be the reason some can’t contact the dead is be cause the dead are… dead? or may be they never liked the people trying to contact them. i dunno. if i was dead and hanging around in the after life, i don’t know that i would want to answer some one, may be lots of some ones, trying to contact me. i might consider it an intrusion of sorts – kinda like when your phone riings – or beeps, or plays a musical tone, or makes some other non ringing sound – and you rush to answer it only to find it’s a telemarketer or some recording that some how rang up your number. after a while, you may not be in such a hurry to answer your phone. same with “after life” contact. may i don’t wanna be contacted… after i’m dead, that is.


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