i am now wiccan and am doing some research. i’ve been through google ALL DAY yesterday and I didnt really find much that was useful because in order to get anything you have to pay. and well i don’t really want to pay! who does? I know that some wiccans just make up their spells and use thier book of shadows to record everythign. but if you know me well–well I’m not too too creative with that. so PLEASE help me and give me any link that you find that u think will be useful. thanks alot!,
~Sara <3


  1. I always loved the name Sarah… there are plenty of books (both online and at stores)… spells are an individual thing… you have to conjure up what will work for YOU… all others are templates for ideas.

  2. Well writing your won spells are not very hard. It will take a little research is all. What a book or someone tells you may not be right for you. You know what will work in your heart. But if you fell that it is hard to write your own spells I can recommend a coupel of books; The Wiccan handbook, Cunningham’s Herbal Encyclopedia, and Living WIcca are all great books and do help you figure out what you need.. from herbs, gemstones, color and the like.

  3. There’s a book I can recommend to help you create your own spells, It’s called making magick. Creating your own spells is usually better.
    Other than that, message me what kind of spell you want and I will find one for you.

  4. I started out that way too. Usually I put down the word “free” before the spell and type I am looking for, Also there are a lot of books out there with spells in them. Usually if you have a bookstore like Barns & Nobel, or the like you can usually look through the books and jot down just what you need. What types of spells are you looking for? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do…. But remember the term “Do as you will but harm none”… You should never use your abilities to harm or control others.

  5. Brightest blessings!
    Start with some books and then improvise. Sometimes when I read a spell there are some things that speak to me but other things don’t or it calls for things I don’t have so I adapt it for my situation. Example it calls for sandalwood chips I don’t have any but I have sandalwood oil so I use a few drops of it instead. One book you might find interesting is from Judika Illes its called “the element encyclopedia of 5000 spells”.
    Blessings on your journey.

  6. The following is what I wrote for Spiritual Journeys Magazine a couple of years or so ago…
    How to Write a Spell
    How to Write Your Own Spell
    So how do you write a spell? Well there are going to be some folks that tell you that you have to create long and rhyming spells for them to work best. And there are going to be others that will tell you that short and simple work best. Some will say put as little detail in the spell so it can have freedom to work in the manner it sees best to work, and yet again others will tell you to be specific and very precise so the spell will do exactly what you want it to do. So who is right and who is wrong? Actually, no one is wrong, and no one is wholly right.
    No situation is the same as the next, so no spell will be just like the next or require all the same things as the last or possibly next. There are a few things that every spell really does need to work, eventually.
    Four Main Elements of a Spell
    State the problem
    State what you want to happen
    State why you want this to happen
    Give a reasonable outcome
    Now those are the four main ingredients or elements for a successful spell. Anything after that is like spice when you are cooking you have to have specific ingredients to create a certain dish, and any thing you add after those specific ingredients is only seasoning or spice.
    Rain, Rain go away
    Come again another day
    Little Bonnie wants to play
    Come again another day
    Years and years ago I seen this little rhyme in one of Yvonne and Gavin Frost’s books as an example of a spell, and I agreed 100% that is was an example of a good spell. I read this book years ago it was actually the first time I ever heard of Wicca. I had already by that time known that I was born to a family that had Witches in my lineage. But I was not happy with the side of Witchcraft I was being exposed to and I knew deep in my soul that there was something different to Witchcraft then what I was witnessing, and thank all in nature that I finally discovered the that something different. Yes Wicca is what helped me discover that there was more to Paganism, but I discovered on my own that there was more to Witchcraft then what I was being exposed to via family. So I am very thankful to and for Wicca.
    So, back to spells and how to write them! The above little nursery rhyme has all three of the needed elements in it.
    State the problem — the problem is it is raining.
    State what you want to happen — you want it to stop raining, for the rain to go away.
    State why you want this to happen — because little Bonnie wants to play.
    Give a reasonable out come — come again another day.
    It is simple, but accurate. Yes it did rhyme as well, but that is just a bonus!
    Let’s talk about rhyming for a moment. It is scientifically proven that rhyming words and prose actually cause certain reaction within the human mind, that it affects the brain waves. So yes it there could be something to the thoughts that the rhyming spells do in many cases seem to work best. Maybe it is due to the affects that the rhyming has on the human brain, and maybe it is not.
    I think if you create a spell that has meaning and importance to you, whether it rhymes or not, that it will work, and work well. A spell just needs to have ‘The Four Main Elements’ problem, what, why and outcome.
    There are some spells that it does help for you to be more specific. For example if you are writing a money spell, a spell to draw money to yourself, you do want to be pretty accurate in some things. You don’t want someone to die for you to get the money right? I don’t want to be part of the reason for someone passing so I could get an inheritance. If you are tying to get a job to earn money, you don’t really want someone that has been working their butt off for that company for ten years that has been faithful and put in a lot of blood sweat and tears into that company, someone that may have a family to feed, or a sick family member they are taking care of, you don’t want them to loose their job so that you can have one do you? You don’t want someone else to have to go without for you to have, or at least I don’t. So uses caution, and common sense.
    When creating money spells, be a little more specific, but you also want to leave enough freedom in the spell for it to be able to be derived from an unexpected sources.
    When I graduated from college I was so excited and ready to start working in my field of expertise! But the area I live in is not that large and there was not a high demand for my skills. So I cast a spell, one to find employment. I did not want anyone to have to loose a job for me to have a job. I wanted to have good benefits, and I wanted to learn even more from my job. Well I got a job, and it was a pretty great job, great benefits, and no one lost a job for me to have one, someone got promoted and the position was there and open for me! What I forgot to stipulate was that I wanted this job within a certain distance of me. So I got offered this pretty great job for someone right out of college, but since my own area is small, and the company in my own town did not have an opening they sent me to another town if I wanted this job, which I did it was a great stepping stone in my career and looks great on my resume. So I accepted the position and had to drive an hour and fifteen minutes one way to work! From that position I was offered another position in the same town with a different company. Now, I have my own business in my own town!
    So maybe things worked just like they should have? Or maybe I could have gotten better results if I had been a little more specific? Maybe I’ll never know, but I do know that magic works in funny ways.
    Different spells are going to need different amounts of detail, so if someone is rhyming or not, or if the spell is long or not, does not make it right or wrong. You will have to, through trial and error, learn what works best for you. For some, rhyming really does work best, for others rhyming makes things to difficult and frustrating. Some folks really do work well with long detailed spells, where as others can pop out the short and sweet ones that work wonderfully.
    What I would like to mention here is that witches tend to be very practical people. They take steps to resolve situations and problems and if those steps don’t work, then they look at the problem or situation, think it through, look before they leap, and then decide the best course of action or at least responsible witches do. If that needed action is spell craft, then it is with a well thought out plan, there are spur of the moment spells and magic, but a competent witch doesn’t jump from the frying pan into the fire with out looking and knowing that he or she has taken care of that fire first. Bottom line is that what you use spell craft for and how you use it is up to you, simply take responsibility for your actions
    If you work really hard for something, set goals to obtain it chance are you will! But if you want something and all you do to try to get it is to just keep wanting it, chances are slim to none that you will ever get what you want. Yes there are ‘Wishing Spells’ but it takes a little more then just ‘wishing’ to make them truly work. If you are cranky and crass to others around you, others will most often be cranky and crass back to you eventually. But if you are nice and helpful then most often others will go out of their way to be nice and helpful back to you. Just keep this in mind when dealing with magic and spell craft.
    What you can look forward to in the next issue is a follow up article on what to do after you have created your own spell and do spells always work? Click Here to view that article.
    How to Send a Spell…

  7. I strongly suggest finding an elder in your tradition to talk with, they will teach you how to do what you need to do, without the nonsense you’re going to pick up online by googling for spells.
    Most of the Wiccans online who have webpages don’t sell spells on them. Figure out why and you’ll have a huge clue that will help you.


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