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by The Goddess rocks my soul:

got some excrutiating old injuries from some fights when i was young (never lost a fight, except to my brother), so i think this might be a good chance to see if magick works. i have been studying up on this stuff and applied some thought. what i have discovered is magick and spells are mainly used for healing (which is what i want to use them for) also, spells and magick take a lot of energy and to heal, energy must be transfered to the part of the body that needs healing which makes the rest of the body exausted. this right? any spells?
sambasivan- that method takes a ton of training, whenever i imagine the pain is gone and it goes away i always realize it is gone and so i stop imagining and it comes back
Stephen, im testing if this whole magick thing is real or not, i have a hole box of aspirin right next to my computer

Answer by sambasivan s
Take a deep breath. Imagine the pain is reduced, I have tried this and succeeded largely.


  1. Even Da Vinci had to scribble nonsense and make doodles before the Mona Lisa.
    Your methodology is very …. strange…. to say the least. I’m not quite sure what it is you are actually trying to prove to yourself, since proving magick can only ‘take’ from one part of the body in order to give to another seems kind of….. ridiculous. Imagine if you couldn’t eat and breathe at the same time.
    Since your concentration will be what is directing the flow of energy, believing that you have to take it from someplace else in your body is very likely to make you tired and disprove your entire point. When you are thirsty, you don’t drink your sweat, you drink from the tap or a stream nearby. Doing magick doesn’t mean you have to abandon common sense in the process. 1 magick thought plus 1 magick thought still equals 2 magickal thoughts, even at Hogwarts.

  2. Laura T – Yahoo Answers is a place where qualified and experienced people come to gather and help others with their needs. I don’t see why he couldn’t find a spell since we do have a set of wonderfully talented witches on board, many of which come with both expeirence and qualifications.
    Emma he stated that he’s just starting out and you speak to him as if he’s an adept. Perhaps if you break it down better, although I feel a magick circle is just too soon right now. Basics are my direction.
    Stephen the term “heal” means to make whole mind body and spirit. Do you think he is HEALED simply because he supresses the pain with Aspirin? Wouldn’t aspirin taken over a long period of time eventually leave him in a far worse state than he is now? And are you a doctor to prescribe medicine even if it’s just over the counter?
    Lori- A reiki practioner is a great idea 😀 I would suggest him taking a Reiki class himself, a reiki practitioner can be just as effective as a Reiki master although I do fully agree with you that the person be Certified before you hand over cash. Some teachers with students might even have free healing sessions available to further help in the students growth. It might even be a chance for you to ask about becoming a healer yourself.
    Now what I currently recommend is a healing meditation. Find a meditation that is used for GROUNDING you might find some that are GROUNDING and CENTERING and those are great too. All meditations will ask you to visualize the energy of the earth or universe to travel up (or down) your body and when you are done with the meditation you can actually go back to repeat that exact process but this time focusing the energy in the areas that need healing. Say if it was your arm, then see the energy going to that spot and think ther words “heal”. It is the same energy that a Reiki practitioner uses the only difference is in the flow and it’s limitations as to who you can use it on. The limitations is simply becuase your body is more likely to speak to you and the body of others might not. So you run the risk of over feeding the energy to the person so its best to first heal yourself.
    Try the meditation daily even if its only 5 minutes a day and see if you experience any changes then take it from there. If you find you love this healing practice then you’ll surely love Reiki. Makes things a lot easier.
    Shadow Storm

  3. well since my race is half dragon and half fairy me being the exception of being 1/4th human my wounds heal quickly if I just sleep strange yes it is but if I’m in a fight I would use the method of iron belt where you feel no pain by meditation but if it’s a cut and it hurts a lot you can use sap from a tree the sap is called dragons blood which is an antiseptic which patches up wounds quite nicely. I remember my mom telling me a story of sailors practicing tai chi in the early dawn before they went out fishing she said as they were practicing their hands and bodies glowed brightly strengthening their bodies and healing past injuries

  4. I have some experience in Magickal Herbalism, but not with this type of injury. I usually only work with headaches, stomach aches, fertility issues, things like that basically. What I suggest you try to find is a Reiki Healer, there are lots of things that they will be able to do for you that would likely resolve all your problems you are having. You may be able to find a Reiki Healer on here, make sure you find one that is a CERTIFIED Reiki Master. Good Luck, blessed be.

  5. Well, because I am a witch, I know all about this stuff. You see, I attended St. Stephens Private School for Witches and Warlocks for six entire years now. The steps are simple:
    1. In an newly bought or old cauldron, which can be found in few antique stores, slowly pour five cups of boiling water.
    2. Three pinches of the meadow fairies dust.
    3. Twelve drops of fresh lemonade.
    4. Stir clockwise with wooden spoon five times, then counterclockwise with a different wooden spoon for another five times.

  6. The most powerful magick is the magick that you harness on your own. I suggest you cast a circle (bring each element into the circle – air, fire, water, earth, spirit), then recite your own spell for the pain. Harness your energy into the spell and your goal, then fniish off with So Mote It Be. Close the circle by thanking each element and wishing them goodbye. You’ll probably feel really tired if you did it properly because the energy would have been transferred to the task of healing your injury

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