spell casting and feeling tired after magick?

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so on sunday i cast a spell to clear my feeling and show me what i should do with a relationship which is confuseing and it worked it cleared my feelings and showed me what i want but after the spell the next day i felt totally tired and drained not only that but i got sick is this normal??? did i do something wrong?? and how can i avoid this next time this is the 3d time this happened i figured it was just me but it always happens when i do spells plz help

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Ask Dumbledore.. he should be able to help you out.


Orange juice.

Bara Bara

sometimes I feel tired after doing nothing.


it happens to me all the time its how witch craft work it takes alot of energy out of you

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Your wand is too sharp.

Robert R

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, you have to replenish yourself. Eat, drink and rest afterward. Make physical contact with something bigger than yourself, like the ground. It’s called “grounding and centering”, please do a Google search.


Spell casting is not for you.It is making you weak.It could even kill you.

Abomination of Desolation

It’s normal. Well, the sickness isn’t. You had the virus or bacteria in you for at least two weeks before you did spell work, so that is clearly not to blame.
After any kind of spell work, some degree of fatigue is normal. Start an exercise routine, and get your mind used to long stretches of thinking and activity.


no, nothing unusual or untoward there, when you cleared your feeling whats happened is that you really did clear something which caused a shift in you, creating the sickness – you opened yourself, the energy flow got stronger then it cleared something out of you… so although you were sitting still you actually did a lot internally, it is tiring.
just chill out and be calm, nothings going wrong – you are being cleared of some kind of blockage by the sound of it it can have physical effects… try slowly sipping cold water as soon as you’ve done…. this settles the energy. you probably will still get tired though, but that should help with the sickly feeling.
one more thing that may help you through this blockage… when we get confused in a relationship, it is often because we do not want to accept the truth of the answer that is staring us right in the face – thats what causes confusion, simply looking away from the truth to find another truth -when there isn’t.

Eclectic Heretic

Bear in mind that when you do magick, you are dealing with the “energy web” (for lack of a better term) of the universe to reach your goals. Granted that it works, but it takes energy from you to do this, so it would seem natural to be “drained” afterwards. I would check to see if there are ways to avoid this, eating well beforehand, being well rested, being in a totally relaxed state of mind, whatever. Meditation might be useful.
Likewise, resting, eating properly, and perhaps another meditation would help rebalance your energies.
I would assume that if you have information on how to do the spells, it would give you hints on proper physical and mental states to be in when you do it.
Blessings on your Journey!


Usually that sort of post-spellworking tiredness is the result of incorrectly balancing the energy in/energy out flow during the magical working. It’s important to draw power from the earth during the raising of energy; trying to draw it all from yourself will empty your battery and you’ll “crash’. After raising the energy and directing it to its goal, release the remaining energy you’ve raised by “grounding” it into the earth again or depositing it in an object designated as a “battery” (otherwise you’ll end up jazzed and jittery from too much energy).
After ritual, eat and drink to complete the grounding process and recharge yourself. It’s also important to practice good ritual hygiene: be very clear about entering ritual/sacred space through specific actions, and equally clear about leaving ritual/sacred space through other specific actions.


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@Eclectic Heretic
i think the term you may be looking for is energy array


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