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Speaking of faith & homosexuality…?

A really cool, close friend of mine has been going thru a bit of a spiritual crisis. Lately, though, she’s found spiritual comfort in biblical script & modern Christian writings. That’s all fine, I gather, because I suppose we’re all looking for inner peace.
However, this new found guidance has also caused her some new inner conflict because she’s gay and, as she’s discovered, “the Bible says homosexuality is wrong”. So now she’s torn about being true to her new found faith & true to what her heart tells her.
Personally, though I’m straight, I don’t agree with that schtick about homosexuality being wrong. As a counter, I could point to Biblical passages that would make the average person do a double take & let out a “What the..??? That’s not right!!” but I don’t want to stomp all over a general belief that’s bringing her comfort.
So I’m curious to know from any of the glbt community, with strong beliefs in Christianity, as to how you accomodate what you are with a faith whose majority of followers would condemn you for being gay?
I told my friend God loves her, and designed her the way she is; and that she’s not alone in going through this. Your thoughts?


  1. Homophobic people wrote the bible trust me there. he doesn’t hate her 🙂

  2. How you’re approaching it is how I handled it. Prior to coming out – apart from a few select people, i felt alienated and the only comfort I found was in God. I don’t agree with the Bible personally, it’s outdated and only the basic principles are useful now. If she’s comforted by God, then tell her that she should feel comforted. God loves everyone and that she is who she is and God loves it. Provided she doesn’t kick puppies or something 😛 Reassure her that being a Christian won’t stop her from being lesbian and vice versa

  3. As a gay man I had a very close friend who went through the same thing; she is straight and it caused some issues between her and me, even though we’d been best friends from first to twelfth grade. It took her a while but she found a church that doesn’t discriminate against homosexuality. I would perhaps make that suggestion, that she find a church that will accept her for who she is, then she can meet and talk to perhaps other gay christians who have gone through similar experiences.
    answer mine?

  4. This question might be in the wrong place, If you read the good book ( bible ) you find that we have a loving God, one who will never leave you and he’s a for giving god of our sins.. and are their Gay Christians yes.. and the good book will also say not to condemn unless you want to be condem through your maker..

  5. There are many gay Christians. No Christian follows every word of the Bible. It’s okay to consider yourself a Christian just by following the basic message of the Bible.

  6. that’s something hard you know… First of all.. Being gay is, at first, something you struggle with… not something you get along with. So, basically, this is a mayor concern to all gay people in their beginnings (without mentioning homophobic society, etc). I have strong Christian beliefs.. and all i can say is that gay people didn’t asked being gay.. as i said before, is something you struggle with. She has to know… she has to be secure that maybe society wont accept her, or whomever… but God really loves her.. and He understands her feelings. What’s wrong with a girl loving another girl? or a boy loving another boy?.. as long as their love is pure and for good.. i don’t see something bad or evil there.. Tell her to be happy, God loves her, and that she has good friends and family who love her too.
    p.s. And you keep that way, be supportive and a good friend as how you’ve been this far =]


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