Space travel. Astral bodies lack mass so does rules of space/time apply to them?

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If Astral projection is true (out of our bodies) then we in that form should not be limited to natural laws of space time and distance for that matter.
Just hanging out on another planet observing Aliens doing stuff. I thought would be cool, but then again just going to the Amazon and watching the wild life there would be kinda the same. Do you think it’s possible for us to evolve to the point of astral travel to other worlds?

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No it doesn’t seem possible, not in this dimension.


“Astral bodies” do not exist. If they did, physics would still apply if they were created by natural phenomena like electricity or something (impossible). On the other hand, its magic so there are no rules.

A Unique Mind

No space/time & scientific laws as we currently understand them do not apply to the astral body nor the astral realm. Space/time do not really exist in the way scientists currently understand it. They are illusions. As long as you are subjected to this dimension & your 5 physical senses you will never really see past these illusions with your ‘ordinary senses’ (at least not in this time in evolution).
What do you mean: ‘Do you think it’s possible for us to evolve to the point of astral travel to other worlds?’
We don’t have to evolve more in order to do it. We already can do it. It’s a natural ability we all have. It’s up to you to learn & practice it if you want to experience it for yourself. People have been doing it for thousands of years. In modern society though it is not common because we are all so materialistically minded & too reliant on technology. These things will hinder & suppress your natural abilities.
The astral body is not made of electricity or anything similar. It is a nonphysical formless construction of your mind & is a part of your very mind itself.


atheos If consciousness is a physical activity in the brain, then where is the immortal soul that Jesus died 4?

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