Sound Frequencies And Developing Clairvoyance

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You may be a person who has given a lot of thought to the subject of clairvoyance and what it means to you. But, did you know that if you work hard enough you can develop your own level of clairvoyant skill on your own?
Clairvoyance is really little more than a common skill that many people could develop if they truly attempted to work hard at such development. Those wishing to develop such skills should follow a few established steps that are quite helpful for developing the power of clairvoyance. And, yes, it can be quite a powerful talent to develop.

First, if you want to understand and explore your own clairvoyance, you have to understand the practice itself and how it works. It’s seen as a psychic ability, true, but it’s really much simpler than that.

Really, it is intuitive knowledge of thing not easily visible or has yet to happen. Through developing clairvoyance you will develop this type of knowledge and foresight.

To understand what clairvoyant skills entail, then, you need to understand that you will become much more peaceful as a person if you develop these skills and use them. If you develop your clairvoyant skills correctly, you’re going to able to use them as positive tools, very easily.

You will develop a higher sensitivity and awareness of the energies around you. This is why it is recommendable to avoid any area, any thing or person that puts off negative energies. The fact is, by being around such things they will influence you negatively while you absorb their negative energy. These things can have a negative influence on you, your clairvoyance and in many areas of your life.

It may be unavoidable at time to avoid these things. However, you can do positive things that will be helpful for getting rid of any negative energy you feel.

There are several things you can do if you want to develop your own skills and clairvoyance. Take a look at any possessions you have that give you negative feelings, and get rid of them. Don’t hang on to anything that gives you a negative feeling, even if you think it’s ‘important’ or ‘special.’ You’ll see how much lighter and happier you feel once you get rid of those things around you that bring back bad memories or vibes. And in turn, you’ll be completely clear of negativity and will feel much lighter.

Next, learn how to meditate. Go someplace quiet for at least a half an hour a day where you’re not going to be disturbed and where it is as quiet as it can be. Go to your living room, your bedroom, even your car, as long as it’s going to be quiet and you’ll be comfortable. Then, listen to any wisdom you’ll encounter within so that you can get in touch with any clairvoyant skills you have. Make sure you make this time special and not to be missed. Make it sacred, in other words. Do this every day, as your own gift to yourself and your own quiet time to simply get in touch with yourself.

Meditation will clear your life of everything negative, to enable you to become more in tune with your feelings. You should undergo a chakra balance meditation. It is vital that all of your chakra energy centers are balanced. You can do this by listening to audio recordings of the different chakra sound frequencies which you should be able to find online.

Even more helpful is chakra visualization. This visualization process can involve using different colored chakras and examining their relationship to areas of the body.

Red is near the base of the spine, orange is just below your navel, yellow is just above your navel, green is at the center of your chest, blue is in your throat area, indigo is on your forehead, and purple is at the top of your head.

The next major step in being able to develop your clairvoyance skills is to be able to follow your feelings. That means you can think with your inner mind and listen to what it is saying. Those serious about developing such abilities will pay close attention to their feelings and follow and listen to them.

Next, your instincts are important as well. You may find yourself, for example, having an instinct to react a certain way in a situation, or to perhaps feel scared or feel badly about something when there’s no apparent reason to do so. Usually, we may discount this and say that it’s not important, but just try it once.

Specifically during the early stage of training you should successfully communicate with sub conscious mind. You can visit a hypnotist or listen to pre-recorded hypnosis audios. This will help you to focus and then relax yourself.

And finally try to relax and simply go with your thoughts and feelings. Your clairvoyance powers will develop over time. You will need to consciously practice, and be confident to act on the feelings and hunches that you have.

Simply take the time to properly develop your hunches and feelings and you will realize your skills with being clairvoyant will expand to a degree greater than most people though possible.

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