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Sorry so let me begin by asking can a person use mental telepathy on an already trained dog?

Let me explain it is about the dog named Cookie. Be patient please because I need an answer. Neighbors all around me were bragging how well trained she was (this happened in 93) that he owner had he so well trained that she wouldn’t go near his kids unless he said so. This one day I was walking past Cookie and her owner that is when everything went blank and I saw the flashes of light and I honestly didn’t trip or fall. A few moments later I knew that Cookie was going to come to see me I don’t know how I just knew. After that I never thought more about that experience and a week later Cookie is coming across the yard comes to me nudges my hand several times until I finally pet her and she kept looking over her shoulder bc she was no suppose to leave her yard. Usually she stays put, but that day she didn’t. I never called her never had any contact with her before that. Yes we did touch noses. Her owner was very upset he had to pay to have her retrained.


  1. I have the ability and my dog Elphi comes to me when i mentally call him you see I am death and cant know what I am saying so I think the act and he responds.

  2. I don’t know about your situation but my service dog Bosco (The Boz) knows when I am going out. Maybe, I have a signal unbeknown-st to me but, he picks up on it. My kids say he is physic

  3. I think it’s more the dog using it on the person. I’ve had 2 dogs that I swear knew what I was thinking. One of them, a highly intelligent mini schnauzer jack russel mix was particularly good at it.


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