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Sometimes I'm glad bad things happened to people, why not?

I am living in Los Angeles.
Everybody is telling each other to treat me bad…
don’t be around me.
Just because I won’t date a guy who liked me.
They don’t want me to go see Neurologist I requested for, but instead they sent me to a bone doctor. Billing me for consultant, $300 this, $167 for that…. I asked to do MRI, they have me doing X-ray instead.
Then someone tells everyone to clear the room, so to make it seems like Nobody wants to be around me….
I read last weekend a teenager got kidnapped by drug addict nearby here… force her to take money out of her credit card… she tried… so the drug addict killed her.
I feel people deserve bad karma, for treating me like sh**.
Do you ever feel that way?
Why do rich snobby people treat me so mean?


  1. well ur in a catch 22 there because they bot wht they deserved but its not happy either way. but all rich ppl r sonbs, get used to it its a fact of life.

  2. I don’t know who you are. From the content of your question however, I can tell that you are in emotional trouble and are really hurting. You should go see a Counselor and get some help. Either a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist . The sooner the better.

  3. People can be real arseholes it doesnt mean that you should fill your self with hate too. let them hate you, what harm does it really do to you?
    I think you have realised that the people you are surrounded by are shallow. The fact that you see this and they dont suggests that you are the better person. Keep it that way, you dont need to fill yourself with resentment towards them. Whenever anyone treats you oin this way smile and remember that was comes around goes around. And YES we all at some point fell like poeple deserve bad things to happen, its only when those bad things happen that you realise you didnt really want them to feel bad.

  4. i agree with meme. take control of the situation and smile a lot.it will undoubtedly annoy those who wish to annoy you. also dont take everybodies actions too personally-for instance,if you are about to have an xray,then its normal for anyone other than the radiographer to leave the room.i too feel that people will eventually get what is coming to them,but dont agree that all wealthy people are snobs ,although some do seem to have an air of self satisfied smugness about them.ignore it,be happy with who/what you are and try not to let other people affect your self esteem- i seem to have a personal stalker who seems to find it amusing to try and make my and my families lives difficult.we just laugh inside and although we sometimes express annoyance about certain situations,we realise that people who make or try to make us sad are themselves VERY sad indeed. i hope you sort things out and that you get some satisfaction from knowing that there are people out here who empathise with you.bullies NEVER win in the end. good luck. p.s you could try talking your feelings over with an impartial counsellor or a person you can trust-not necessarily someone you know personally.it may make you feel better just to get it “out”

  5. I don’t feel that just people treat you bad they treat everybody like sh*t including me.The rich snobby people, just think they are better than everybody, news flash your not.I wish I had some kind of power that I could turn rude annoying scum buckets into a bug so i can step on you and squish you then take my foot and slid it back to make sure I fully killed you. How’s that for ya morbid enough? LOL I could get worse but I better not it’s bad enough that I’ll probably get a violation notice. But really I could never do that after all I don’t have powers. LOL Oh and I’m from Lynn,Massachusetts The City of Sin.I feel good right now I have confess some sins,but a got a whole life time of sins, I’m somebody who you should never take your eyes off of.


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