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Something unseen keeping my girlfriend from falling asleep.?

Background: She’s never messed around with anything paranormal. She says “the closest i’ve ever come to is reading books.” I, myself, was a part time camera man/investigator for a paranormal investigation team, but I have only had very few experiences in my life, and none while with her. We’re both non-religious. I was brought up ignorant of such things and she grew up going to church, but changed her mind for personal/scientific reasons. She’s never had any weird experiences until now.
Also, she does have a history of having an anxiety disorder than has been treated a few times and lives a very highly stressful life. We do not live together, or even in the same state (college). This information will become relevant later on.
During spring break this year, I went to visit her at her college. We stayed in her dormroom and just did whatever until we went to a ski lodge where we had reservations a few days later.
Everything was fine, we had a lot of fun and a great dinner, and then we settled in for the night and turned out the lights. It was a little different than we were used to. We had to keep the bathroom door open and the toilet ran a lot, and one of those things that sits in the room and burns wood (not a fireplace.. like a furnace?) so that was a bunch of extra noise and flickering lights. Anyway. I fell asleep.
I woke up after she jumped as if something startled her. She couldn’t explain what happened, it just freaked her out. So I tried calming her. This kept happening and she said something was touching her. I got up to turn out the lights, but she freaked out. I had to hold her hand while i reached with the other to turn on the light. I fixed the toilet and whatnot and got back in bed. I have never seen her so freaked out… or freaked out at all actually. I didn’t feel a presence of anything unseen, as I have many times before while investigating, so I just told her it was nothing and went back to sleep. She eventually exhausted herself to sleep.
She’s back at her dorm and I’m back in my apartment states away and she claims that something is touching her while she’s trying to sleep. It never wakes her up, and she says she’s always able to move, so it seems it can’t be sleep paralysis. It just keeps her awake, so she’s exhausted almost every day. She say’s lately it’s been happening every night. It happens anywhere from several times at once to once every 5 minutes, and it feel anywhere from light pinstrokes to almost like a caressing or rubbing, but she feels it’s threatening. She never hears anything, except the occasional sound of rustling sheets at the foot of her bed. She’s really scared. She dreads going to bed because she’s scared of what’s going to happen.
No one that she really knew in her family or anyone at all has died in recent years, and no one close to her at all.
If this is an anxiety related thing, I just wonder why it started while I was around. She says that she feels safer than any other time when I’m around, and says that spring break was “the time of her life” so that doesn’t make much sense. If it’s paranormal, I wonder if that if there was something in the ski lodge, could it have attached itself to her because he showed weakness, and now it’s messing with her every night?
I’m just looking for similar stories or suggestions about what it could be or ideas to help her get passed this whole thing. I really worry about her, even before this all started up, so I’m trying to do whatever I can to help.
Thanks a lot (sorry there’s so much to read :))
Thanks for the answers everyone.
She’ll be moving out in two weeks and then we’ll both be in the same home town. I’ve decided that if these events keep happening while back at home, then I’ll suggest her to get checked out for anxiety again, and if it persists, go with the spiritual route.
Once again, Thanks.


  1. Tell her to drink warm milk at bedtime and read dull hisotry books.
    Get her to see her therapist.
    If her anxiety disorder is post traumatic maybe some one or thing she saw in the lodge triggered a reaction at a subconscious level and this has started up the cycle all over again.
    Get her to take a meditaiton class too!

  2. I think certain people who are empathic are more open to supernatural experiences. If you can pick up on peoples feelings around you, why not the dead? Whether that is the case or not, who knows. There is a lot of debate that could go on here from the supernatural to paranoia or even a little mental health issues going on for whatever reason. The point here is how to make her feel better. Whether these things work or not, or you believe or not, a couple suggestions I have that might at least make her feel better would be to a) have a priest bless her room. b) if you know someone who practices Wicca, have them do a protection spell for her, for her, her room, whatever she feels she needs, c) have someone who is into spiritualism or a shaman or whatever come in and bless the room and do a cleansing. Do they work? I don’t know. They might, they might not. If it is a mental health issue going on, her believing they are helping could make all the difference. If none of this helps, she might see her doctor about being put on Ativan or something to help her sleep at night because losing sleep can start effecting your health. I hope this helps.

  3. I read somewhere that spirits are attracted to people who are very stressful. Maybe that’s why the “thing” is there… I really have no idea.

  4. you know one of the first things that catch me is that your worried about it starting when you were there, it could be nothing but it could be your instincts telling you that you have been some kind of gate or witness. one thing for sure inaction is not going to be part of the cure. I suggest and I’m not a jesus freak. but I suggest that you together start with a payer to God for strength and guidance. Jesus is my number one power. yes medical help for sure there might be some type of syndrome that can be treated medically. spiritually find your warrior and guide who ever it is you will both know by a warm swelling in your chest’s perhaps some blessing or cleansing. I’m moved to remind you to never give up use your love. no blame. darkness feeds on fear and aloneness. you will be in my prayers. and I will burn a candle to add to your light. blessed be dino

  5. I have an anxiety disorder and I have bad nightmares. Nothing like that, but I think I can relate best to her.
    Message me for more info. Like is she taking anything? Has she had any emotional trauma?
    Anyways you can go a few different routes. One take her to a sleep institute for testing. Two have her go to her doctor and get her a prescribed sleep aid. Stay there (and awake, watch nightmare on elm st. to see the importance of staying awake lol) and watch over her.
    It may just be her head is on overload and isnt “shutting off” so it’s going wacko, sleep can trigger the wacko because its when your subconcious takes over.
    Message me for more info.
    BTW i dont believe in the paranormal personally but if she does then you have to go that route. Just like if she didn’t you would have to go that route. : /

  6. Well first check out if her mind is healthy by a psychologist or something and majke sure she’s sound in that way.
    Tell her to go to a doctor too and rule out those causes
    If you cannot find an answer it could be evil eye, some spirit there or witchcraft. You need to go to someone AUTHENTIC to figure it out. These people arent publically displayed but dnt go to people who want money and be aware co they can do more harm then good. Before u do that, pray on her and see her reaction. Notice her moods etc too
    Its very very real…but check other possibilities first


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